Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Mashed Potatoes and Salad

By misuse of technology, I lost the pictures of this meal. But the description still remains. This meal begins with the barbecue I had earlier this summer. Our neighbors had given us a pork roast, and cooking it for the bbq was my first experience cooking pork. To my delight, after eight hours on low in the crock pot, it turned into pulled pork when I went to slice it.

Weeks later when I was at the Greenmarket, I was waiting in line to get chicken or lamb or whatever I usually get from the nice man from Dines Farms. He has quite a following, always long lines, and sad exclamations from people when he's out of his variations of chicken sausage, and people place their order ahead of time to be sure they get what they want before he runs out, and he even gives out his cell number for orders. I try to get all my meat from him, though sometimes I run out and have to make do with "supermarket" meat. So there I saw - aha he sells pork roast - I could buy and make it again! Because I am always trying to make myself use my crock pot more. And because Jesse didn't get to try the pulled pork at our bbq because he was too busy at the grill! So I bought a roast and threw it into the freezer, unsure of when I would make it.

I decided to make it for this Saturday's dinner, after a long week of working overtime and before Jesse headed off to LA for a few days. Then, since it turned out that roommate and a friend were joining us, I decided to bolster the meal with sides - a Greenmarket salad, and my first time making mashed potatoes. Growing up, I hated mashed potatoes - it falls into the category of things I don't like because of creamy texture: mashed potatoes, whipped cream, yogurt, frosting on cakes from bakeries. But then my roommate made me mashed potatoes and now I'm all into them, I think because hers has tasty chunks amid the mashed potatoes and because I'm slowly getting over my picky standards from childhood.

The pork turned out nice and juicy, although it took longer than I thought it would. Unfortunately the rolls I selected from a local bakery for assembling the sandwiches were stale, so that wasn't great because it made the sandwiches tough to bite into, and many pieces of roll were left discarded on the plates. It would have been much better to use soft hamburger rolls like at my bbq. The mashed potatoes were fine, I think it would be pretty hard to mess up mashed potatoes. My friend in attendance, also named Julia, thought the salad was awesome - I chalk it to the juicy tomatoes and homemade breadcrumbs and Cindy's Kitchen, my favorite brand of salad dressing. Then today, Jesse proclaimed that he doesn't want to eat pork anymore because it felt so fattening. In fact, he felt it was so gross that it almost made him want to become a vegetarian (he who must eat a protein, preferably meat, at every meal). And that is exactly the reason why my mother never made pork growing up and why this will remain one of my few forays into cooking it, probably ever.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Slice 1/2 onion into long, thin slices. Brush approx. 2lb pork roast in barbecue sauce on all sides. Put both in crock pot with few more dabs of bbq sauce, salt, and pepper. Cook on low for eight hours. Depending on the size of the roast, it may need to cook longer. I cooked mine on low for six hours and then on high for another two and a half hours. It is done when you slice into it and don't see any pink. Lightly toast four hamburger buns and top with dollop of bbq sauce. Pull pork out with a fork and heap on each bun. Serves four.

Mashed Potatoes with Scallions

Bring pot of water to boil, with salt. Meanwhile, chop two large yukon gold potatoes into 1-inch pieces. Also mince one clove garlic. Add potatoes and garlic to water, cover, bring to boil again, and then uncover and continue to boil until potatoes are tender. Drain potatoes in collander and then return to pot. Mash with a wooden spoon, leaving chunks. Add salt, pepper, 1/4 cup milk, 1 spoonful of butter, and a diced scallion and combine with potatoes.


In a bowl rubbed with a garlic clove I combined the following ingredients picked up at the greenmarket that morning: 1 juicy tomato, cut into small chunks; 1/2 onion diced; 1 clove garlic, minced; 4 handfuls of mixed greens, rinsed and patted dry; homemade croutons made a week earlier out of stale bread, salt, peper, garlic powder, other dry spices, toasted in the oven for 20 min and stored in tupperware until its use this night; all tossed with Cindy's Kitchen Honey Dijon Vinaigrette.

Enjoy with a nice white beer and friends.

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  1. Yummy, this looks nice and something different to try. Thanks for posting.