Monday, January 5, 2009

Table skirt

Over vacation, I finally got around to checking one thing off my "Operation Homestyle" to do list - making a skirt for this little coffee table. Because this is NYC and my kitchen is less than 60 square feet, my food processor, blender, and other large appliances are stored under this table in the living room. To hide them, I cut an old fitted sheet in half and nailed it to the table. No sewing involved because I was too lazy for that. Ta da. I left the elastic trim on because I liked the ruffled shape and it hides the uneven cut.

But then today I see this table skirt on Design Sponge and immediately wish mine was as cool as that. Nice clean lines, and she handprinted the fabric with carrots! Now I'm worried mine looks too much like a bed ruffle. Oh well, I'm lazy, and I think this shabby country chic table skirt still looks better than it did before.


  1. Like it, very shabby chic. You are so clever!

  2. While the design sponge one is very cool yours is delightful! Well done crafty lady.

  3. Hey-you DIY'ed! Better than not at all. It looks great and you can take pride knowing you did it yourself! :)