Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Doldrums

Dear Winter,

I really thought you and I were getting along okay this year. Up until about last week, I didn't hate you like I have for the past few years. For whatever reason - I'm not quite sure - walking outside in the cold didn't seem to be all that insufferable. Maybe because I've grown to accept and love the circle of the seasons and the different foods and rituals and celebrations they bring, and take comfort in it all.

But slowly winter ennui has overtaken my brain over the past two weeks. My new boots are uncomfortable, I'm cold and tired all the time, and I don't want to do anything. It's taking all of my resources to simply get out of bed every morning and do as little as possible before getting back into bed. You are not helping me with my new years resolutions to exercise and be more social.

I think the turning point was the realization that you're sticking around for another two months. Why do you have to be so long? We all know that even though the first day of spring is March 21, true spring and its accompanying warwm weather, lack of snow, green buds, and fresh produce, doesn't really arrive until April. I'm really missing the vibrancy of summer.

Maybe, since we're all stuck with you, you can at least suggest some ways to deal with the winter blues. Like drinking spiked hot chocolate, throwing a luau party, wearing more bright colors, and eating lots of mac n' cheese? Your cooperation would be appreciated.

Yours grumpily,
Color me green

photo by me (the view from my window)

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  1. Poor thing!
    I COMPLETELY understand. I spend most winters about 15 mins away from slitting my wrists. (That may be a slight exaggeration, but I hate it. Especially the grey, wet, murky British version. Especially since the weather in the Caribbean is rocking at this time of year - out of the rains and into the delightfully unhumid dry season, but not yet dry enough for the hills to have turned into scrubland.)
    This year, I've been remarkably OK though. I'm sure the joyous abandon of the wedding helped, but also it's been more of a proper winter in the UK - certainly more cold crisp beautiful days than I ever remember seeing before!
    We can get though it! But next year, I am so getting a lightbox...