Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eco Tip: Shake Shake Shake

Presenting the first semi-regular series of green advice, dispersed in easy bits.

Shake - Shake - Shake!

Next time you're in a public bathroom, instead of reaching for yet another disposable paper towel after washing your hands, try letting your hands air dry instead. I shake my hands rapidly over the sink a few times to get off excess water, and then sometimes gently pat them on my pants.

I discovered this little known method of air-drying when I was camping and realized that my hands dried naturally within minutes of washing them at a spigot, with no towel in sight.

Give it a try! Your hands will be dry by the time you get back to your desk. And we'll save a lot of pointless paper from landfills.


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I have been doing this since 2001. It really is not a problem at all. I once even started a crusade to get everyone to do it. It was called the Drip Dry Crusade. It was designed to work like a pay-it-forward concept. I would recruit seven people. Those seven people would each recruit seven people, etc. The numbers would add up really quickly. I couldn't get the concept to spread. Hopefully you can!

  2. Sara, yay i'm glad i'm not the only one who "drips dry." I like your pay it forward idea. OK everyone - follow Sara's advice and spread the idea to 7 people (or just 1...every bit helps!)

  3. Well, count me as number 1! Today, every time I washed my hands I thought of this post. At least 4 paper towels saved so far....

  4. oh man. i am totally guilty of taking an extra towel. now that i've confessed, i'm totally trying it.

    ps. i gave you an award. it's nothing huge but i thought it was fun :)