Saturday, March 28, 2009


Everyone talks of spring, but there have been no signs of it here. Just two days ago the cold weather had me feeling solidly mired in winter. Whoever said that spring begins in March is stupid. Marh is the most desolate month for seasonal eating, as the last of the hearty vegetables dwindle after a winter spent in storage, and fresh young vegetables haven't yet peeked up from the earth. It won't truly feel like spring until that first warm morning I can buy ramps at the market.

But today! - these bright tulips called to me at the farmers market. I don't usually buy flowers because of the expense, but I felt like indulging this time. The pussywillows my sister brought home for free last weekend as one of the many perks of working at the farmers market herself. So now I can have a piece of spring here in my home.


  1. I buy myself flowers all the time. I used to feel guilty about the expense, but they really make me happy, so I see it as an investment in my mental health. The Boy, for all I love him, never buys me cut flowers, but for special occasions has been known to buy me flowering plants. (Which I have been known to then kill with the thorough absence of green fingers, but there you go. He knows I try hard to love them.)

    It is a particularly bleak time of year for seasonal veggies, that is for sure.

  2. Haha, hilarious that you also pointed out that everyone is in spring mode atm! I just wrote a post about it too. Flowers are the most wonderful thing. I bought a bright punch of purple and pink daisy type flowers and they have made me smile every day. (except for today, when i put their rotten, stinky stems in the compost).

  3. I love tulips! I should wander out and find some for myself.

  4. good for you! we don't need guys to buy them for us :) also, you can make sure they're organic this way!

  5. agirl - last year I planted veggies on my balcony but i'm thinking about planting some flowers too this year. i have a yellow thumb - learning as i go along.

    amber - it is annoying to dispose of flowers when they're all gross and dying, but worth it.

    cyd - tulips are so pretty. someday i'd love to visit tulip fields in holland.

    very married - amen to that.

  6. Haha, good, go buy them for yourself. I did the same thing for the first time a few weeks ago and was so happy I had them to look at all the time.