Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby Steps

I'm skipping work today and am off for a long weekend with to middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania for a baby shower, with this pink and blue confection in tow.

I had a fun time shopping for the baby gifts at a few stores in Brooklyn. My favorite store was an independent baby boutique with organic and handmade goods in Park Slope, which makes sense since that neighborhood is the baby mecca of Brooklyn.

I've never remotely thought about baby stuff before, but I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with:

rattle from here

organic onesie from here

sweatshirt from american aparel


  1. my fiance's sister is pregnant and i have no idea what to get her. luckily though, i'm pretty sure we have a mutual distaste for each other - well, lucky in the sense that i probably won't be invited to the baby shower...

  2. ooooooooh I think what you got was cute! I'm love that you skipped Walmart and went for real goodies (I actually really really have a thing against Walmart...but anyway.)

    I haven't been to a baby shower I haven't liked...everyone's all happy and excited :-)

  3. awww, those are totally cute gifts. i'm going to be a (not quite real) aunt within the week! we're planting a tree for the baby at gma & gpa's house, as sending packages to the canary islands is ridiculously expensive for us and the parents have more than they could ever need.

    what kind should we plant?

  4. its really bad how much i love baby showers, but since my bff had a wee one, I am obessed. Have fun. good job on the gifts!

  5. Ugh. Can't stand kids, but loooove buying baby shower gifts. And birthday gifts. And clothes... I would be the best grandma (but I guess that would require me to have kids, wouldn't it?).

  6. Amanda - or maybe it means you would be the best Aunt or Godmother ever - those wouldn't involve having kids ;-)

  7. I love buying baby things. There is just so much softness and cuteness and cuddliness in the world. I have a sad habit of buying things that are 'educational' or 'mentally stimulating' though. My kids are going to hate me one day.

  8. agirl, haha that's gonna be me too. i wonder if my kids are going to hate me or love me for giving them wooden toys and homemade candy instead of all the usual storebought junk kids get.