Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Late March in Photos

Now that March is over and April isn't feeling all that better yet:

I've always thought of March as that disgusting month with brown slushed snow and gray trees that isn't beautiful like other months but something you accept and live with because that's life too. I think of the urban landscape in the same way - the concrete and angles and dinginess aren't particularly beautiful, they just are. So what could be worse than the city in March? I swear it was overcast almost the whole month.

Not actually Long Island, but Long Island City.

The doggie's golden throne

How I keep warm when it's not quite winter but not quite spring. The ugly Gowanus is behind me.

Amen to that.

all photos mine


  1. That building is effin' rad!

  2. great shots! i saw those buildings when i was back in brooklyn in january. glad you caught them with your camera!

  3. thanks, i agree, i really love the oh-so-appropriate graffiti on that building!

  4. ahaha I saw this the other day.