Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eco Tip: Refurbished electronics

It's cool to buy used clothing and thrifted plates and so on. But electronics are another area where we can find ways to buy them used instead of new. For example, did you know that Apple sells refurbished versions of its products on its website? They work just as well as the the brand new products and they're cheaper! Save the earth and some green at the same time! Obviously I think this is genius so I've been trying to spread the word. I got a refurbished iPod for xmas - I'd never had one before, I was trying to hold out as a eco-techno-sacrificer, but finally I got one in hopes of rekindling my connection to music. Ebay and craiglist are other good sources for finding used electronics.

Last week my boyfriend announced he wanted to get an iPhone, and normally I would have been all, Why do you always need to have the newest technology? That is what has gotten the human race into this mess! But once he explained his plan, it makes sense. He currently has both a Blackberry (holdover from old job) and an iTouch, and the iPhone will give him two for one - plus the web interface on apple is infinitely better than blackberry. He's selling the bbery to Gazelle, a company that fixes up and resells phones. He's giving the iTouch away to someone who was planning to get one anyway. He's getting a refurbished iPhone for $99 (not bad considering what the new ones cost), and he put a bunch of his books for sale on Amazon to try to make back the money he's spending to buy the phone. He's finally taking on some green thrifty values!


  1. Such a neat idea. I have heard of brand name companies selling refurbished items, but I've never known anyone who has purchased one. I may have to consider that in the future!

    As for your comment, you're right: hyphenating is not always sustainable, but I put a long reply to your comment here. :)

  2. I got my ipod refurbished! It works great, and I've had it for years! I'm always surprised when I hear about people whose ipods are on the fritz - my refurb'd ipod has never had a problem!

  3. krista, yes it's definitely a good option to consider!

    miss rye, glad to hear it - i've only had mine a short time and haven't had any problems, so cross my fingers it lasts a long time.

  4. Eep. Econo Boy just got an iPhone -- in fact, he's playing on it as we speak! Boys and their toys ...