Monday, April 13, 2009

Uncorking a Bachelorette Party Plan

A friend of mine, Elaine is getting married in the Finger Lakes this summer, and we have just started planning her bachelorette party.

So far the idea is to have a girls-weekend-only in Ithaca, just for our group of four friends that was so close all through high school. We'd like to go wine tasting in the area and then out to dinner and bars in Ithaca at night. I've only been to Ithaca years ago for college visits, so I'd love to hear if any upstaters out there have advice for wineries and cool spots there!

I'm also wondering if we should incorporate some silly bachelorette accoutrements? I've never been to a bachelorette party before, so the only idea I've come up with is to make E wear a shirt saying "The Future Mrs. [E's Fiance's last name]. But is that obnoxious? The bride-to-be and co. are not big party people so I don't think we're going to do anything involving shots or strippers.

What have you liked and not liked about bachelorette parties you've been to?

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  1. ummm...penis stickers. i've always been forced to wear one. every. single. time.

  2. I haven't been invited to a bachelorette party that wasn't for a relative, but I did end up as part of one in a pub in Dublin once. It was so fun to start partying with a bunch of gals as if we were best friends forever. They even bought me a pint. So take extra feather boas with you! and maybe some of those penis suckers - the village is full of 'em.

  3. hmm, well, we made my best friend wear a really obnoxious tiara. but mostly, it was just obnoxious. then, another friend had her bachelorette party in Vegas... couldn't afford that. Then i was in China when my other friend had hers. but from what i hear, it was very proper. all in all, i have NO advice. but i do have lotsa well wishes: good luck!

    (also, i know nothing about upstate new york :( )

  4. ok - I'll give you a couple ideas that have worked swimmingly in the past for my chickas:

    1. at one a checklist was constructed giving the "bride-to-be" activities at each bar on the route - you know, get a guy to buy you a shot, sing you a song, blah blah (really REALLY fun if the bride is outgoing and likes that kind of attention). The MOH at this party bought the bride a WIG (like, a legit one too) and the bride loved it - it made her more apt to do crazy stuff :-)
    2. went to one for a preggo bride where we spent the entire day at a spa and then went out for a lux dinner. her's was tricky because she was pregnant - but she wore a tiara and a sash and all that typical bach stuff (hello very realistic penis straws)
    3. One I went to, the bride wore the sparkly "Bride" top and we all work tanks that said "Becky's Bitch" - that was kindof awesome - and we did a bar crawl (more low a pup crawl - didn't hit up "clubs")
    4. Vegas is pretty much the destination spot for many bach parties in Phoenix - so those are already kindof self-made

    I don't know a damn thing about upstate NY..but you'll be with your best'll be wicked awesome.

  5. the best thing we did on my little sister's hen night (as we call it over here!) was a pole dancing lesson. it was really really good fun and really good for breaking the ice for the girls that didn't know each other so well, adn good for getting in a silly mood for going out...

    another little thing that worked well was one of the party organising a 'Mr and Mrs' quiz for the bride-to-be. She emailed the fiance and got answers to questions like 'who was your first kiss?', 'what colour is your toothbrush', 'favourite tv show' etc. etc. and then we quizzed M. You can do forfeits for getting one wrong, although sadly M got pretty much everything right.

    as for accoutrements - we all dressed as cowgirls, with M in a white fluffy cowgirl hat and a big pink bride-to-be sash. she also had a garter and handcuffs and so on. i'm not a big one for these kinds of things, but it does make it more fun to be all dressed up a bit silly and have all the classic stuff, as long as everyone's comfortable with it.

  6. oh yes yes yes! This is super exciting!

    Definitely plan to hit the wineries on Seneca Lake if you're thinking Ithaca area. Seneca kind of has the best bang for you buck time-wise when traveling with a group. If you want to hit me with an email I can give you a whole list of wineries I love, and hell, even some wines I can't live without. (thesweetestoccasion[at]gmail[dot]com)

    Also, I totally vote for some sort of apparel to make it fun and festive but keep it in line with the girls who will be participating. Maybe just matching tshirts or ask everyone to dress in a certain color or colors? I have already requested no silly penis paraphernalia and nothing even close to resembling a stripper at mine - I would hate it!


  7. I've thrown 2 bachelorettes that were completely different (if I'd only known then that I should have switched them for the girls). One was a classy evening starting at the spa with foot baths, facials, and makeup application. It ended at a swanky bar with yummy cocktails. The next was a trip to a local drag show complete with light-up sashes, blue cocktails, and penis rings.

    I guess it depends on the girl.

    For my bachelorette I requested fake mustaches instead of wigs, sashes, or tiaras. A dive bar. No clubs. No debauchery. No hangovers. Lots of chips and salsa. We'll see.

  8. thanks for everyone's advice! i'm going to confer with my friends, but i'm guessing we'll just say no to the penis stuff. but i do still like the idea of tshirts - or boas! cyd, i will definitely email you for more specific recommendations.

  9. Oh my gosh. I am terrified by the very concept of bachelorette parties. Whenever I'm out in the city and there are big groups of ladies wearing giant penis's and pink veils, I die a little on the inside. For my sister we had a wonderful tea party, that seemed sort of 'proper', but worked wonderfully because we aren't 'proper' normally. All classy sandwiches, jugs of pimms and little cup cakes. Very fun.

  10. Amber, yeah I am kind of scared of traditional bachelorette parties with all the pensises and pink too. Your sister's proper party sounds sweet. The most important thing, I think, is just getting to spend quality time with girlfriends.

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