Friday, May 8, 2009

Founder's Day Recap

Last weekend was wonderful, magical, everything I could have asked for. The sky was gray and drizzling on the drive up, which got me worried, but the sun came out in all its glory when we arrived, in true Founder's Day magic - nearly every year, despite the forecast, it's the most amazing spring day you've ever seen.

We set up our camping chairs at the top of the hill.

We wandered around campus holding hands and seeing old sights.

We stopped by the observatory to stand in the place where you can hear your own echo.

We lounged in the shade of the flowering trees.

I drank several mugs of craft beer and picked dandelions for my hair.

(We didn't dance or go on the carnival ride though. But I didn't even mind.)

I ran into a couple old friends. Next year I think I would like to go with a group of people, because that's really more what the spirit of the day is about.

Everywhere we were surrounded by students who looked just like the people we went to college with, doing all the things we used to do, but none of them were familiar. It was a surreal feeling.

We talked about how our college is a magical place. It's where I grew into my sense of self. I studied harder than I should have but still had a lot of fun. It wasn't all happy but I was always meeting friends who helped picked me up and carry me on. And there was always beauty of the campus, with its everlasting trees and fields of green and contemplative lake to help me feel grounded and connected to the preciousness of life. I got so sentimental missing it that it made me cry. (I'm a total crybaby.)

The festivities ended too quickly, as they always seemed to, so we packed up our camping chairs and slowly made our way back to our hotel for a quiet night: him snoring and me watching TV movies.


  1. CMG - that was a really good read, I enjoyed it so much. Probably because as I read over it I was grinning and nodding the whole time as I can strongly identify with so much of it. I too loved my undergraduate existence...loved it. I was an RA for 4 years, worked at our student art gallery, the university art museum, felt like I knew everyone, and had this crazy strong connection to campus and the city as a whole. It was my home, my place of learning, my party scene, my inspiration in every way. When we go back to visit, it can be tough to take buildings, new roads, new parking structures, new faces....a SEA of new young faces. It's so bittersweet. I'm glad you had such a magical time! I think I'll reflect on undergrad a lil bit today...and smile lots.

  2. Your campus is beautiful. I can imagine how hard it must be going back to city life after leaving all that green. When living in DC we would take weekend trips out to the country and I remember that sour feeling returning back to the grind and the city. Like, MB says, I happy you had such a lovely weekend :)

    Love your blog my friend.

  3. a.mountain.bride - glad you enjoyed reading it and that it helped you reflect on your own similar undergrad experience. that was the life, eh? (minus all the late night cramming)

    Marisa - thanks for stopping by!