Friday, May 1, 2009

Founders Day!

Annnnd I am off again bright and early tomorrow morning! I'm going upstate this weekend to visit my alma mater for Founder's Day. It's really just an excuse for the students (and alums!) to spend a day wasted and outside in the beautiful spring weather. Complete with a beer truck, carnival rides, food stands, and live music all day long. Every year has a different theme. My favorite theme was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sophomore year, when I wandered around in a haze marveling at the colorful fake candy sticking out of the ground. I can't believe that was five years ago! Makes me feel like I'm getting old.

This is only my second time visiting since I graduated. I booked a room in a hotel that's within walking distance so I can stumble home at the end of the day. I'm. So. Excited. Can you tell? Now I'm just checking the weather forecast every hour and praying it doesn't rain (currently morning showers followed by afternoon clouds are predicted, which I guess I can live with.)


  1. hey! we must be the same age! my sophomore year of college was 5 years ago too!

    (i missed my college's equivalent this year. it was a big one too. one of the few times that i regret going to grad school so far away.)

  2. very married, what a coincidence! i have always lived within a 90 mile radius of nyc which makes my life very convenient for being able to visit family, college, etc. someday i'd like to live far away for a few years and then come back.

  3. Hope you had an awesome weekend!

  4. CMN - you know me so well...I did win that contest...and yes...I did dance all around the living room when I found out :-)

    How ARE you these days!?? Cooked anything dazzling lately? New York must be amazing right now. I'm thinking about applying to some programs out there for residency...I wonder if I could handle it. :-)