Thursday, May 14, 2009

Git Yr Bike On

Tomorrow is National Bike to Work Day. The forecast is actually looking nice, so I think i'll actually make it this year. I am an aspiring bike commuter. But much as I'd like to get rid of the pricey monthly Metrocard, I wimp out at rainy forecasts or if I have afterwork plans to go out in Manhattan. Oh yeah and I also wimp out when my alarm goes off in the morning and I don't feel like getting up earlier than usual (the actual travel time is about the same as taking the subway, but I need to allow for time to shower at the gym next to my office before heading into work. Two bridges aka giant hills to cross make me a sweaty girl.)

My goal this summer is to bike 20 miles a week, which I can either reach by biking to work twice a week, or by biking to work once and then biking for fun on the weekend.

As I've mentioned before, here are some reasons why I like bike commuting:
* Great exercise
* Get home earlier than I would if I went to the gym after work
* Fun
* Unique views of NYC
* I feel great afterward, like a kind of biker's high
* Makes me feel badass
* Helps me indulge my inner map geek to figure out routes
* Electricity-free workout (unlike the gym)
* Gas-free transportation (unlike subways or cars)

And for those New Yorkers out there, did you know that May is actually Bike Month NYC? There are lots of group rides and events happening this month, so go on and git yr bike on!

Have you ever considered biking to work? What are the reasons why you would or wouldn't?

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  1. If I lived closer to work, I would totally bike. However, 13 miles of highways does not a good bike ride make for this girl. :-)

  2. I don't have a bike (yet! - really want one but am dithering round trying to work out what kind i want to buy and where from etc.)

    Not sure I'm brave enough to cycle the London streets though. Or more to the point, coordinated enough. I have a habit of walking into people/things as a pedestrian, and feel cycling could be a very dangerous activity for me! All the london cyclists I know have their accident stories.

    I would love to cycle at weekends though and not have to get on stinky buses/tubes to go places. And I am incorporating much more walking in my commute, which has similar benefits in terms of exercise and my mental state - 25 minutes striding through Green Park and some lovely quiet old streets gets me to work in a much more relaxed state than 10 minutes of face-shoved-in-fellow-commuter's-armpit on the noisy and dirty tube...

  3. That's great. Did you bike to work today?

    I actually bike to work often (in the summer). My situation is a bit different than yours. The city I live in has a population of approximately 100,000 so a much smaller metropolis than NYC. My commute on a bike is 7 minutes through a residential neighbourhood, crossing 2 major streets.

    I hear ya on the getting sweaty. What I do on hot days is wear some workout clothes on the bike, then change when I get to work. I don't get sweaty enough to need a shower, but sometimes I do a little face-freshening and hair brushing.

    It feels SO nice to get to work after a little exercise. You can enjoy the beautiful weather and the scenery.

    Just wear your helmet and enjoy!

  4. Cyd - I hear you!

    LK - I don't have any accident stories personally, though a couple of my friends do. I've never been to London but I do hear good things about walking there. I'd walk to work if I could, but unfortunately a big river separates me from my office.

    Nicole - wow I wish my commute was 7 minutes :-)