Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little Luxuries Part I

Coming home often means stress instead of relaxation, thanks to kitchen detritus, dog hair everywhere, and all the chores to be done. I'd like to figure out how to highlight the little luxuries that help home signify a place of comfort and soothing, so that I can uncoil the tight ball of frustration that currently resides inside my heart.

My current list of luxuries I like to have on hand includes:
* A bottle of wine

* Good beer

* Dark chocolate bars

* Comfortable chairs for relaxing on the balcony

* Natural handmade soap

* A stack of good books

* Looseleaf teas

* Potted plants

* Baking supplies so I can whip up a treat whenever the need (desire?) arises

* The 50s, Jazz, and Bluegrass channels on satellite radio

* NPR podcasts

* Long showers (I know it's not ecofriendly but the it's a guilty pleasure)

My luxury wishlist
* Crisp organic bedsheets and a comfortable duvet

* Aromatic soy candles

* A big puffy couch to sink right into (we can't fit anything bigger than a futon into the apartment)

* A stereo system that extends to the kitchen for music listening and dancing while cooking

* The New York Times paper edition (a luxury we gave up long ago in an effort to be green, but oh how our weekend brunches for two were enjoyable with the paper spread everywhere)

* A warm cuddly blanket by the couch

So dear readers, tell me what do you think are the little luxuries that make your home and life a lovely place? (Next up we will explore the rituals that incorporate these luxuries and add meaning and comfort to our lives.)

photo via flickr


  1. good coffee and my favourite mug, english breakfast tea and little cookies or savory crackers, my kitty and my bear(my dog), champagne yum, mimosas and brunch on sundays, lots and lots of books, throw blankets, my pink french coffee press, a really gorgeous lipstick. That's a short list of my little luxuries.

  2. these sound like very good strategies indeed! and i have to say, james got me a bathrobe two christmases ago and it is hands down my most used gift ever...take the plunge...you won't regret it!

  3. Maybe not so environmentally-friendly, but a morning with the Sunday NYT and a French press full of thick, dark coffee is something I look forward to ALL week. Those few hours when Sunday morning segues into afternoon are absolutely rejuvenating.

  4. What a great post! My little luxuries are good coffee, a cookie to dunk in the coffee, my fleece jacket, and a book on the bedside table.

  5. You stole the list right out of my mouth. Although I could add a disgustingly fattening bag of salt and vinegar chips in there now and then.

  6. tea in the morning. long baths with a magazine or something to read. my cheery pot plant with with pretty pink flowers. dvd boxsets. really nice (but really expensive!) bread from local organic shop. fruit crumble - most favourite and easiest dessert. and on a weekend morning a couple of hours to breakfast and watch tv/read papers - coffee, tea, juice, toast, eggs, chocolate, fruit.

    ah, makes me happy just writing that list!

  7. mmm I love these too!
    we've been lighting candles at every meal.

  8. Ace - champagne, mmm, i could use a little more of that in my life.

    erin - ok you've convinced me, i think i will add a bathrobe to my bday wishlist this year.

    elizabeth - i know what you mean...missing my weekend papers :-(

    bride in exile - FLEECE! yes i love my fuzzy fleece socks and jackets, i've been wearing them all the time lately bc we're having a chilly may and they make me feel all warm and cuddly.

    amanda - true, every now and then we all need a good junk food fix

    LK - it is good to remind ourselves of the things that make us happy.

    miss rye bread - yes i must get some candles! maybe i can use my party this weekend to motivate me.

  9. so funny, a lot of your comforts I also love :) lately I've been craving ridiculous fantasy novels. fluff for fun :)

  10. wow, your luxuries sound just about perfect. i love my mishmash of colorful dishes and my paisley sheets. cooking with fresh herbs can also feel pretty special :)

    otherwise, a well-coordinate outfit is a wonderful luxury but something i rarely get to enjoy!

  11. Eco Yogini - oh i totally read fluff novels too, they're great for making the morning train ride zip by.

    Rebecca - ooh i bet your meals look pretty with all your colorful dishes.

  12. CMG...best post ever.

    I have to second that 'hand-made soap' - I looooove yummy hand-made soap.

    my wish list currently includes a couple chairs for our patio...these wonderfully warm Arizona nights are so lovely.