Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pick up and Move to Colorado

My dear friend Gina is on a plane to Colorado today. She decided she'd had enough of the crazy life in NYC and that it was time to start afresh by moving to Colorado, where she can spend time with old friends and lead a slower-paced life. I'm excited for her, because it takes a lot of guts to realize what's making you unhappy and to change that by leaving a life you've made. It may seem a little crazy but it's also smart. Plus Colorado is so beautiful, I wouldn't mind living there myself, among the mountains and the clean air.

I met Gina on craigslist, and she was roommates with me for over a year, but more than a roommate she became my friend. One of those friends I can be myself with and is kind enough to listen to many many hours of my venting, which I'm very thankful for. I don't know why we didn't see each other last fall after she moved out, but I'm glad we picked up where we left off this winter. I will miss her, but I'm already looking forward to visiting Colorado sometime in the coming months! Here's to us both finding the right projects we've been seeking that will make our lives meaningful and joyful.

To my readers, have you ever done something totally crazy or different to make a fresh start?

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  1. when I was 18 I up and moved to North Carolina, didn't accept any of the schools I had gotten into and got an apartment on the beach with my best friend and went to community college. I didn't know a soul there and sadly it didn't turn out as I had hoped so after 2 years I up and moved to Boston. Now I'm spending the summer in NYC and thinking more and more about taking my roommates up on brushing up on my french and shipping off to Paris.

  2. I felt this ridiculous urge to go to college on the East Coast, after 3 years at a university in a small mountain town that I ADORED! My parents thought I was nuts, my friends thought I was nuts...hell...I thought I was nuts. But I did it. It was the most monumental year of my life! I met a group of friends that I really feel are my soul mates AND I met My Guy. Spectacular to be so free.

  3. in keeping with the crazy move theme - after undergrad i decided to skip law school for a year and moved to china.

    here's another example though: last night I was talking to this girl at my firm who used to do PR for famous people but felt like she was selling her soul so in the interim she's doing recruiting. i think it's really awesome she had the guts to give up her dream job in the pursuit of a happy life. she's still not sure what she really wants to do but she says at least now she doesn't go home feeling empty.

  4. Awww that's so sweet. One of them may well have been me, I was running all over new york in my romper this weekend!

  5. thanks for the compliment on my site...i was kinda sketched out about putting pics on but whatever i'm over it. i did try to put that flower over the comb of the veil...looked kinda silly unfortunately (i wish it woulda worked though cuz that woulda been awesome)

    how ARE you?

  6. I was going to move to a small town in Northern Minnesota (from SE Minnesota) away from family and friends for a teaching job. Thankfully, I got a job here and didn't have to move. It would have been so tough.
    My sister was born in CO and I always thought it would be a lovely place to live...someday maybe.