Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bachelorette at the Casino

As you read this, I'm currently in a car on a 5-6 hour drive upstate for my friend Elaine's wedding at a fingerlakes winery. I just got an SLR camera so hopefully I will have some amazing photos to share when I return. In the meantime, here are some photos from her fabulous bachelorette weekend last month.

Originally we had planned on a winery tour in the Ithaca area for her bachelorette, but our plans changed and we ended up at a casino outside Syracuse instead. It was kinda ironic because none of us are wild party n gambling types. In fact we tried to gamble for the heck of it but couldn't even figure out how to work the slot machines (which are now computerized) so we got our money back and moved on to other activities. aka gambling FAIL

It seems like just yesterday we were BFFs in high school, but somehow 10 years have gone by since those days we went by the name "The Hefs" (we're not heifers we just eat a lot)

We brought way more snacks and drink for the hotel than the four of us could actually ingest.

Getting ready for our night out

Our dinner out was a long, enjoyable, and memorable meal at the resort's nicest restaurant. Excellent service and pretty excellent food, with some strange twists in there that had us laughing our a**es off. For example, here we have Elaine grimacing at the dessert amuse bouche "chocolate surprise" which turned out to contain pop rocks!

Our last stop of the night was Club Lava, which tries to be hip and trendy, with bottle service and soap flake confetti falling from the ceiling, but they played music from our high school era.

We had fun dancing anyway. Leave it to Caitlin to start a dance off!

It was a great weekend with great friends!


  1. Looks like so much fun!!! I'm a failure at gambling's too expensive for all-night fun - 5 minutes and I'm out of quarters. I think I'd rather play naked photo hunt.

  2. meag, we couldn't even figure out what buttons to press to play the games! and what on earth is naked photo hunt??

  3. I loved reading about our weekend,and I LOVE you! You had me laughing at everything all over again! I hope I always have you in my life, Julia.

  4. Elaine, thanks i hope we get to see each other again soon(ish). i miss you and the hefs!