Monday, July 13, 2009

Dead Daisies

Like I said, remember the flowers I tried to grow on my balcony? At first they were soaking up the sun and blooming happily.

Then New York City turned into Seattle, and it was rain rain rain nearly every day in June. I didn't need to water my plants for what felt like weeks! The tomatoes and herbs mostly loved it, but the flowers did not - they didn't know if they would ever see the sun again and they lost all their blooms. Poor flowers.

Now it turns out the dogs have been contributing to their demise by munching on the flowers and the parsley! No wonder my parsley hasn't grown big and tall like last year! At this point it's a lost cause.

My mint doesn't look so hot either. Don't know what its problem is because it's not in a doggie accessible spot.

At least the basil is still going strong even though its stems are black at the soil line, which is usually a bad sign. I have a pretty laissez faire yellow thumb attitude. Sadly I don't know how to mix any special seaweed cocktails for plants or anything like that like some people.

Did this year's unseasonable amount of rain affect anything you're growing?


  1. Poor plants. I keep one plant, some miracle thing that always comes back to life every time I kill it--my mom gave it to me before I started college. And now it just came with me on a 20 hour move away from home.

    I should totally give it a name, shouldn't I? :)

  2. My Enemy #1 has been snails. They have demolished everything. But just like you, I have basil growing like wildfire. My parsley and chives are struggling behind.

  3. elizabeth - wow that is one hardy plant! maybe you should find out what kind it is and get more like it since you know you can't kill it?

    Miz November - luckily snails don't seem to be a problem here, maybe because i'm using containers. at least we have that basil!