Monday, July 27, 2009

The Long Ride Back

The ride up to Elaine's wedding was just under five hours, but I took my time coming home the next day - more than eight hours - involving several stops along the way.

Had a burger and beer for lunch in Watkins Glen, a cute little country village at the foot of Seneca Lake. I also stopped in an antique store there to pick up a spice rack and vintage sugar canisters for our new apartment.

Followed signs for the Delaware Delicacies Smokehouse several miles off the highway deep into the Catskills woods. We joked that we would be the ones getting smoked, but we actually found ourselves at a legitimate business. The guy catches eels in the river behind his property and smokes it along with other fish and meat onsite. We picked up some smoked salmon, cornish hens, and even an eel, although I still haven't tried the eel because I'm a little afraid.

The next stop was Beaver-Del Campground, of this wedding's fame. I wanted to check it out because Beaver Del sounded like it would be awesome place to camp - right on the river with excellent fishing and a bar/restaurant onsite. Unfortunately the sites aren't private enough for our standards, just in an open field, and it's close enough to the highway to hear the white noise of cars zooming by. But the property is really bucolic and they have an awesome log cabin beer hall, so I can see how it would be a great venue for big camping parties.

Then it was my turn to drive, so I followed a back road along the winding river for a fun while, until the road abruptly came to an end...on the highway! I don't do highway driving anymore because I have a phobia of merging. But there I was, on the highway ramp and I had to drive forward and it turned out okay.

I drove all the way from Liberty other words not very far, but it was my first time on the highway in three years! Maybe someday I'll be a real driver again. Afterward we treated ourselves to Stewart's ice cream. And then we continued on our way, with another couple hours to go and some more traffic to get stuck in.


  1. Sounds like you had a great trip. Glad everything went smoothly and you made it back safe!

  2. Julie that first photo is spectacular!