Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet Milo!

Among the many backlogged updates that await boyfriend got another puppy! (Yes there are now two dogs living in our apartment).

One morning last month my boyfriend couldn't sleep and was browsing puppies on the internet. He woke me up around 6am, brought over the laptop and showed me a very cute blurry looking puppy (to my groggy eyes). "Yeah he's cute," I said but thought little of it. But surprise! once I got to work, he called to say that he really really wanted the puppy and so...

Milo arrived at the apartment late at night, plucked from the wilds of the Adirondacks. He has two different colored eyes, is fairly mild for a puppy, loves to hide under things, and is good at some commands (sit, down) but not so good at others (Off!) The other dog Spencer was depressed for a few days, but he finally started smiling again earlier this week. The two dogs are getting along surprisingly fine. And oh it is such a pleasure walking a dog who gets along with everyone (ie. not Spencer who has to kept on a short leash lest he bite someone/thing).

But let me tell you, if you are thinking about getting a puppy, it is a LOT of work...a lot of cleaning up...keeping a close eye on him so you can use every opportunity you can get to train...hiding things so they don't get chewed...feeling like the house is a kennel with dogs running around and jumping all over the furniture (since we currently have no yard for them to play).

Anyone out there have any advice or good books on training puppies?


  1. oh, he is precious. i wish my boyfriend would do that, but he's a cat person.

  2. Awww. He is soooo cute.

    Have fun on your wedding trip this weekend. I'll be thinking of you, since we both have to drive so far. Be safe.

  3. Oh I want a puppy so bad. I run a pet sitting and dog walking company in Boston so that's how I get my fix for now. My Little Bear is 14 and he's not real down with having a puppy around in his old age. He's living with my mom's 11 month old golden puppy right now and he's not all that pleased. Good luck with your new baby, remember, take him out right after every time he drinks or eats, it's always a good rule for house training.

  4. Adorable! I love him. Congrats!

    I teared up in front of the pet store the other many pesos is that doggy in the window?? My apartment is just too small though. *sigh*

  5. Milo is adorable! I am so jealous of you having not one but two dogs. More photos please :) M x

  6. all you dog lovers out are welcome to come over and relieve me of my pet duties sometime ;-)

  7. Oh wow is he cute!

    There's a book out there called "How to get your dog to do what you want" -- might be worth looking at.

  8. The Dog Whisperer!

    Granted, I don't have a dog and I've never tried to train a puppy but god I love Cesar Millan.