Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Secondhand Clothes

I try not to buy clothing brand-new. I usually check out thrift and consignment stores first to see if I can find what I need. I also don't really like shopping (trying on clothes that never fit - sounds like fun!), which helps keep me from buying too much. Inspired by Josyln's Things I bought Thursdays over at Simple Lovely, here are the "new" clothes I've gotten since April when the spending hiatus ended:

Boots from Sweet Virginia, a darling little boutique recommended by a friend that sells used, vintage, and reworked attire. However, the store is so little that, because I was the only one in there and I took my time looking at things, I felt awkward like I needed to buy something. Hate that. So it was a mistake to get these boots because they're too big and the bottoms are too smooth, making them slippery and dangerous in snow and rain.

These shoes from Buffalo Exchange, the consignment store in my neighborhood fit all my qualifications: comfy, nice enough to wear to work, black goes with anything for everyday wear, and sandal-like for hot summer temps

Tie dye dress stolen from my sister. She never wore it, but all it needed was some stitches to make the slit up the back less risque.

Hippie dress from Buffalo. Can't wait to wear this and the tie dye one to the bluegrass festival this weekend!

The cutest red halter dress, again from Buffalo. It was the perfect hostess dress for my Memorial Day BBQ and for my friend's upstate winery wedding last weekend.

As well as a spluge on one "new" item:
Multipurpose Teva sandals I had my eye on for a year before I made the purchase last week. Sustainable cork, eco-friendly company, waterproof uppers, nice enough to wear to work, comfortable enough for every day wear and long walks, sturdy enough for easy hikes. Worth the cost! A friend of mine liked them so much she went out and bought them this week too!

Still on the lookout for a dressier dress for other weddings coming up this year.


  1. Oh are you going to the Bluegrass festival in Ithaca this weekend? I was trying to head up there this weekend as well but sadly the plans fell through. Have a lovely time! Those dresses are gorg by the way!

  2. ooh - those teva sandals look like exactly what i've been looking for for something I can walk in comfortably for long amounts of time in the summer. will have to check them out.

    and all three dresses are super cute - good finds. I hate clothes shopping too and too often end up buying things just because I get to the point where I really need, say, some trousers for work, but end up buying horrible ones because I get bored and fed up shopping and decide anything will do... need to work out how to get better...

  3. News Flash: Tye Dye dress is from another hemisphere! i bought it while studying in Brazil and am glad that it's representing up in BKlyn

  4. Ace - thought i already commented this, but no i went to a bluegrass fest in the catskills.

    LK - oh how it sucks buying things when you really need them and can't find anything that works! let me know if you end up getting the tevas or some other sandals you like

    Lisa - thanks for letting me know about the brazilian source!

  5. oh those boots are totally KILLER