Friday, July 10, 2009


Welcome to Color Me Green, now at
I merged my food blog, The Wounded Chef, into the new Color Me Green, which will meander through my slow food, DIY, eco-friendly life in Brooklyn. Please remember to update to this new URL ( on your blogroll, list of links, following, reader, subscriptions, bookmarks, etc. Welcome and feel free to take a look around!


  1. thanks guys i'm glad you're here! make yourself at home :-)

  2. just updated my link! looking forward to more cmg in your new home. (ps - i really like your blog list categories - i keep meaning to do something with mine but can never decide on how to sort!)

  3. Cute blog! I am out here blogging and networking today.. Glad I found you! Would you like to add one another as followers and try to increase traffic to our sites!?