Monday, August 24, 2009

Art from Art

During my car-free weekend upstate, I also spent a rainy day at the Dia Beacon, a contemporary art museum. It wasn't really my kind of thing. Lots of minimalist artwork that doesn't look like art (think geometric shapes with simple variations) and lots of handouts so full of pretentious gobbledygook that all I could do was scoff at them; the museum's words didn't help me understand any better how this stuff could be art.

But I DID like the huge Richard Serra metal sculptures because of their interactivity as you walk through, in, and around them.

Also, my boyfriend is obsessed with using his iThing apps, especially Photo Booth, to take cool pictures that turn art into meta-art.


  1. Oh, I love Richard Serra sculpture! How awesome to be able to roam around in it. Great shots!

  2. meag, thanks jesse loves taking pics of me with his iphone and that's ok by me ;-)

    one barefood bride, the dia has a huge giant room with three of his sculptures, worth checking out if you're ever on the east coast.

  3. You should submit those photos to the museum--I bet they'd get selected as "startling refracted portraits of digital temporality" or something. ;]

  4. oh I LOVE Dia Beacon...went there whilst an art student in Rhode Island...Richard Serra is now one of my favorites (but I have to admit, his work didn't seem all the special as pictures in books...but existing among his pieces was quite a trip!)

  5. Great pictures!

    Ugh, I hate modern art. I was subjected to more than enough nonsense pretending to be profound for a lifetime when I was at art school.