Friday, August 14, 2009

First Dinner

Last weekend was my first in the new apartment, and on Saturday morning I hit up the farmers market less than 2 blocks (!) away for some pretty flowers and the makings of our first dinner:

Sandshark marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, mustard, thyme, salt, and pepper
Corn on the cob and potatoes
all cooked on the grill for simplicity's sake
with a nice red wine saved for this special occasion.

The sandshark was a pretty rare find. It's a white fish, thick like swordfish, and was the most flavorful fish I've had in a long time. PLUS sandshark was supercheap at less than $7/lb.

Thankfully I don't have any real plans for this weekend, so I can take my time with things like finishing unpacking, putting up artwork, getting some flowers for the yard, exploring the neighborhood, and taking the dogs for walks in the park.

The sun is shining through my open door right now, and I hope your weekend also brings you sunshine and peace.


  1. Yum, sounds delicious! My roommies and I used to grill a lot, but sadly since we don't own the backyard and have new neighbors that doesn't happen as much anymore. We do still try and do house dinners though(when it's not too hot to cook that is!) the other night we had nachos, margs and movies night. Not as classy, but it certainly hit the spot.

  2. ace, boo on not grilling as much but house dinners are so fun and margaritas sound perfect for this weather!

  3. that corn on the cob looks DELICIOUS.

  4. sounds yummy! I've just tried artic char for the first time- it was good :) Around here people sometimes eat "dogfish" which is just a common name for small sharks (I thought maybe sand shark would be one of them... but nope!).
    Yay for first meal!!! :)

  5. Congrats on the move, having just moved ourselves I can feel your pain although by comparison ours seems to have gone without a hitch (if you ignore the fact that we still haven't managed to get the sofa and armchair into the apartment - I feel another migraine coming on...)

  6. oh, yum!! we've been grilling corn all season, and i swear, i'll never get sick of it. i love to say goodbye to summer, but i hate to say goodbye to corn... sigh.

  7. Eco Yogini - don't know if I've had artic char before, definitely not dogfish. We ended up getting lobster the next week from our fishmonger ;-) figured we could treat ourselves to it every once in a long while.

    Emmy - hope you have found a way to get your sofa and armchair into your place since you wrote

    celia, yes we've been having corn weekly since this meal. i will be sad to see corn and tomatoes and peppers go, as well as the summer.