Monday, August 10, 2009

Scenes from July

Here's where I distract myself with happier thoughts, okay?

Cherries at the farmers market. I don't particularly care for eating them, but wow are they pretty.

Bee balm! A staple of my childhood summers spent wandering in the wildflower paths and the woods near our house.

A late night cruise around the New York harbor with a lovely friend.

I'm so glad we finally became friends after a year of working in the same office, so we can share cupcakes and beers and talks.

Sunset picnic on the highline with said friend(s)

One thing I've learned in the last couple months is that I do have great friends - even if some of them live far away, I've realized I can still rely on them via the internet. I don't feel as friendless in this lonely city as I did this winter, and that has improved things immensely.


  1. Awww good for you hunnie, that's so important. I always felt so lonely in Boston, it's one of the reasons I first started a blog. The highline is such a wonderful place too, I shall have to make a journey back before I had back to Beantown.

  2. what beautiful pictures and story. I can relate with the friend thing- it takes a long while in a new city. Yay for new friends and being less lonely!!! :) WOOT :)

  3. Those pictures are great. And glad you are feeling happier in New York, plus you're so right about great friends, they're what can make all the difference, no matter how far.

  4. EcoYogini - I've lived in NYC for 3 years now so yes it certainly takes a long time here and a lot of work to maintain and make friendships.

    Gina - that includes you!