Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Sites of Grey Fox

With all the zillions of campsite crowded into one farm for Grey Fox, it was also fun to walk through the rows of tents, RVs, and buses, and marvel at the inventive ways people managed to personalize their temporary dwellings.

This group built their structure using birch logs!

It must be fun to sleep in a teepee

and take outdoor showers

But stay tuned tomorrow morning for my favorite campsite of them all...


  1. Oh wow, I'd have to have major guts to shower like that out in the open.

    Can't wait to see your favorite :)

  2. despite the rain, looks like you squeezed in some fun! love these photos — I would love to sleep in that teepee, spritz off in that shower, and take a ride in that VW wagon.