Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Apple Picking

On the last weekend of September, I escaped the city for my parents' home upstate, with dogs and friends in tow. Apple picking was first on the agenda, but we surprisingly managed to fit in a number of other quintissential fall activitities: farmers market shopping, wine tasting at a vineyard, an easy hike, a corn maze, lounging on the deck, a big birthday dinner at home for my sister, and drinks at the local bar. We also started filming a little apple themed movie while at the orchard.

Every year I hit up Ochs Orchard for our apples, because I think it has a great view and it's less crowded than some of the other several orchards in town. It's easy to walk deep into the orchard and not be disturbed by another soul for a while. This year I was surprised to realize that many of the apples were coated in a film that must be pesticides. I will be looking for more natural orchard next year...

I brought home a haul of 13 or so apples and used a couple of them already in an easy-peasy chocolate chip apple cake for company last Friday night. A few are destined for applesauce and a few more for those apple pie tests that we actually haven't gotten around to yet. Send me your favorite apple recipes! I think it would be fun to hear them.


  1. Oh yay, that looks like so much fun!! I LOVE apple pie! And one with chocolate chips? Good Lord.

  2. Great pics! You're so adorable in your apple picking outfit! I'm hoping to make Joy the Baker's apple crisp if I get a chance before it gets too hot here and I have to avoid the oven.

    Have you tried apple butter? I love that stuff.

  3. This looks so fun. You're all dressed beautifully too. I don't think I look that cute on a daily basis let alone in the outdoors... Sounds like such a great family outing. I'm putting it on my list.
    XX Kate

  4. Well, don't you look darling. I have a great family apple recipe. I'll have to write it down and send it to you. It's the best.

  5. oh thanks! i should have mentioned that we all dressed up for the movie.

    meag - no i fear making apple butter and then forgetting to eat it before it goes bad.

    Miz November - thanks that would be awesome!

  6. Darling apple picking dresses.

  7. amber - nice to see you here! i FINALLY just emailed you with nyc advice. i hope you check your email and get to see it!

    denise - thanks for stopping by! your blog is lovely.