Wednesday, October 7, 2009


During our stay upstate we also made a visit to Bobolink Dairy. My sister Lisa is a sometimes employee of Bobolink depending on her ever fluctuating schedule, but even though the farm is only 10 minutes from my parents' house I'd never been to see her there before. A small dairy operation offering grass-fed Jersey cows milk cheese and artisan bread, Bobolink has an onsite store open to visitors and brings their goods to farmers markets in New York City and the surrounding area. I bought some cheese and veal (which I left in my parents freezer, doh!), poked my head into their bakery, and we said hi to the pigs.

I <3 supporting small sustainable farms. When I heard from Lisa and her friend about getting to spend the day kneading and baking bread covered in flour, and about the delicious communal feasts featuring the farm's own meat, and about living in an old farmhouse surrounded by grassy fields... it momentarily made me want to be an intern. Until I remembered I wouldn't like waking up early or manual labor or getting up close and personal with large animals. Have you ever wanted to work on a farm?


  1. wow that is super fun- but like you i wouldn't want the manual labour or the waking up super duper early... lol.

  2. Oh, look at those pigs! Now that looks like a tough life - not!