Friday, October 16, 2009

New Member

Tonight, I have my first work shift at the Park Slope Food Coop. That's right, a couple weeks ago I joined the coop, now that I live in the neighborhood. It's a grocery store that stocks all-natural, organic, and local products and is almost fully staffed by its members. All 14,000 members are owners (by paying an investment fee and getting to vote on store decisions), workers (by working a shift every four weeks), and shoppers. And because the organization is just out to break even, most items are way cheaper than at regular supermarkets.

And the BEST part is that I can fill a shopping cart, and a worker will walk with me and the cart back to my apartment to unload, and then the worker will return the cart for me. How AWESOME is that? Because one of things I hate about grocery shopping in New York City is overloading my arms and back with as many bags as I can carry and then schlepping it home. We used to make monthly car trips to Fairway in Red Hook for grocery needs that can't be met at the farmers market, but now that we don't have a car anymore, the coop is perfect. Tonight I learn how to be a cashier. Wish me luck!

photo via flickr


  1. Hey! Coop sounds awesome. Hope it goes well. Also hope you feel better. I have the blasted cold, too. Not fun. You'll be very close to my neck of the woods this weekend. Unfortunately, the weather is pretty cruddy right now. But the trees are pretty. Hope you enjoy your time down here. :)

  2. Yay! So awesome :) I had no idea that there were so many members - good luck cashiering, should be fun!

  3. hey that's super duper cool! I can't wait to hear all about it :)
    When I lived in Montreal I used to have to make TWO trips cuz I could only carry a certain amount of bags (pre-eco lisa lol). Now I wish I had the thought to buy those granny-grocery cart deals. load 'er up and wheel away! lol

  4. exciting!! definitely let us know how it goes! i'm so jealous - i want my neighborhood to have a co-op!!

  5. DK and I used to be coop members! It really is amazing, and I loved working there. Now we're just a little too far and a little too busy to make our shifts, but I have my fingers crossed that we'll rejoin the fold someday...

  6. Miz November - yes i was disappointed about the cold in NC. i didn't get to see much of the area since i spent my time in cab/hotel/wedding/plane but it ended up being a crazy wedding weekend!

    meag - yep it's a huge institution

    Eco Yogini - i've thought about getting a granny cart to help with laundry but don't want to spend the money so instead i stubbornly continue to schlep

    turtlebird - i know there are also coops in fort greene and flatbush

    JC - I can understand, I don't think I'd want to make the trek either if I lived farther away. Working seems like it will be fun, since everyone was so nice.