Sunday, October 4, 2009

Peeks into the New Place

Although living in an old brownstone comes with the headaches of a decaying building, it also offers charming details like...

Molding and wainscotting

(Horribly stuck) pocket doors

Tin tile (or is it molding meant to look like tin?) ceiling. And the fireplace is defunct but we'll have a mantel for hanging Christmas stockings this year!

Reveling in built-in and open shelving

I wanted this kitchen cart ($25 on craigslist, doesn't get better than that!) so bad that after a failed attempt to fit it in a car, I walked it over a mile home.

Then there are more recent additions, like a wall of forest wallpaper

After my previous bedroom, which was a huge all purpose sort of room, I'm loving this cozy little cavelike bedroom that's only for sleeping.

The bathroom is a work in progress and the tub needs cleaning so bad I haven't showered there in over a week.

In fact the whole place needs cleaning and I'm procrastinating right now...


  1. Sigh, your apartment reminds me of Montreal- how I LOVED living in an apartment with character. Even though it gets drafty in the winter times lol.

    I love your tin ceiling (looks like painted tin tiles to me!).

    AWESOME :)

    ps- you should try yoga again, I think the key is to figure out what type would be best for you, not what other people say. We went to about five studios in Montreal before finding the perfect instructor at the YMCA... lol. :)

  2. Hi - I found a solution to the bath cleaning issue, because I'm the same - I hate cleaning bathtubs! What I do now is keep an old scrubber in the bathtub all the time (an old kitchen plastic-based one, made of nylon), and just give it a quick scrub every time I shower, as ours is a shower-over-tub.

    It means I never have to get down on my hands and knees with chemicals. Oh, and I just use baking soda.

    Works a treat. It gets done twice a week, not thoroughly, but enough to keep shiny and clean, and keep the greenies at bay.

  3. Ooh, looks lovely. I love a place with character and charm.

  4. such a sweet place :) and lovely photos!

    and i agree with daharja - it's so handy to clean the shower while you're in it.

  5. I love your place, it looks great! So much character and what feels like you, or what I know of you. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Julia, your apartment is darling..! All of those original details..all those beautiful cabinet doors? (and pocket doors???) The tin ceiling? And all those built-ins?? Beautiful..! I love it. Thanks for sharing these photos...

  7. Sigh! We're in a brownstone too, but the rental apartment was gut renovated, so we're seriously lacking on dreamy details like yours. It makes me miss our old apartment sometimes... but then I remember that it was kind of a crumbling wreck. Yours looks in way, way, way better condition!

  8. So fun to have a new (old) place. I adore pocket doors - hopefully you can get yours unstuck!

  9. ecoyogini - i am wondering what the draft will be like especially since the doggie door will let in cold air. we'll see. might have to get cozy with blankets and hot drinks!

    daharja and meag - that's smart to clean while taking a shower. maybe i could get myself to do it on a biweekly basis because i really hate how long it takes to give a moldy tub a thorough clean (though I still don't use chemicals...planning to share my green cleaning strategy soon...)

    Marie - oh it makes me happy to hear you think it feels like me since that's what i'm going for!

    elise and maria - thanks for the sweet words!

    JC - i wouldn't say ours is in good condition considering that the floor was rotting away beneath us! bu agreed there are advantages to both sides of the old/new equation. this living experience has made me rethink my dream of buying an old farmhouse, realizing all the upkeep involved.

    Rachel - one of the pocket doors works. the other one is too much of a pain to move, but it's just as well because it keeps our bedroom closed off and cozy.

  10. i love love love brownstones. i'm so upset that i moved out of one. i guess in exchange i'm living with my fiance.... :)

  11. Procrastinating from cleaning house, story of my life. Love the shots of your brownstone. You're leaving my dream! So much charm.
    XX Kate

  12. very married - doesn't sound like too bad of an exchange. are you still living in brooklyn heights?

    neotraditionalist - you can live the dream too if you move to park slope ;-)

  13. This is all extremely lovely! It looks to be exactly the sort of place I'd want to live in. I especially love the window glass on the cupboards!