Thursday, October 8, 2009

To Do: Fall

Inspired by Sara's list of 30 quintessential fall activities over at Pink of Perfection, I thought it might help me organize the plans and ideas swirling around my head if I made my own lists of fall activities: things I hope to accomplish; food I'd like to put away for the winter or make while it's in season; and things I'd like to to remember to do to enjoy the season while it lasts. As you can see, I was also inspired by Rachel's post on Heart of Light this week advocating for relishing the moments in each season. I hope to make To Do Lists a common feature here as I continually struggle to keep afloat with all there is to do, feel, experience, and achieve in life.

Can you think of anything I might be missing? What's on your fall to-do list?

To Do
* bring the hardy plants inside
* make my Halloween costume ended up opting out of Halloween
* knit a scarf started a scarf
* fall cleaning and reorganizing
* put the air conditioner in storage
* buy new stockings and boots (old ones don't fit well)
* mend sweaters
* Thanksgiving menu planning - no thanksgiving to plan yet again :-(

To Make in the Kitchen
* hang herbs to dry
* buy the last of the berries on sale at the farmers market to freeze - guess I missed this already
* turn the basil plant into pesto - already used up all the basil
* applesauce
* apple pie
* granola
* fresh baked bread
* roast sugar pumpkins into puree for baking
* chocolate chip pumpkin muffins made chocolate chip pumpkin blondies, but i wasn't happy with them
* carrot cake
* crockpot chili
* butternut squash ravioli with sage and butter sauce
* squash and bean casserole

To Enjoy
* chai tea
* cider donuts
* pumpkin carving - guess I'm not doing this one this year
* apple picking
* mulled cider
* hard cider
* red wine instead of white
* wearing fuzzy socks
* taking hot showers
* hiking in the turning leaves
* crisp bike rides
* summery produce while it lasts think tomatoes, zucchini, corn...this year I refuse to start cooking with squash until the summer's bounty disappears


  1. No fall/autumn list for me - I'm counting the days until Summer is here!!!

  2. Elise is lucky. I still haven't washed and put up my swimsuits. And I need to dry clean (at home) my sweaters. I also have a leather jacket that I really want to have dyed. Crockpot chili happens quite often in my house through fall and winter. Mmmm. Love it. I still owe you an apple recipe.

  3. This is such a great list. I need to get down to business and make my own. Wearing fuzzy socks and drinking hot cider is probably my most important fall activity.

  4. Wow, this is a great list. If you have any good halloween costume ideas I'd love to hear from you :) I have no idea what to go for. Good luck in getting through all of this and looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

  5. I loved reading your lists! Totally inspires me to make my own. I think I missed out on the berries too, and I'm bummed about it. Do you make your own granola? That's something I've never done and definitely want to try.

  6. I had that brown butter and sage sauce on my to-do list all winter - I was planning to make butternut squash gnocchi but never got around to it. Can't wait to see your recipe though - maybe it will inspire me to take action!

    I did enjoy your squash and bean casserole though :)

  7. I started drinking red wine September 1st on the dot! But I'm always in a hurry to imbibe, I guess.

    Do you pickle/can? I bought a whole case of canning jars last weekend, but haven't started yet. Eep.

  8. where did you go apple picking? my fiance and I want to go this weekend but we can't find a place we can get to w/o a car. shoot me an email??

  9. Wearing layers of cozy clothes and taking walks around the neighborhood enjoying the crip fall air.... I'd love to have a working fireplace or woodburning stove to make a roaring fire - maybe I'll have to bring baked goodies for someone who does...


  10. thanks for the info! We'll do some research today and I'll let you know what we chose!

  11. Elise - lucky you to have summer on its way!

    Miz November - good reminder, i should add that i need to dry clean my fall/winter work slacks, as well as a coat i want to sell.

    Marie - most years I have no idea what to be for halloween and come up with something dumb in the nick of cookie monster, mouse, this year i'm going to be a superheroine from a movie. but fifties housewife has also seemed like an easy good idea.

    Rachel - nice, i'm wearing fuzzy socks as I type this.

    jen - yes every now and then I make my own granola. It's pretty easy and cheaper than buying it. i realized I've never posted about granola here before, so I'll have to put up my recipe method!

    meag - do you remember RA's squash ravioli w/ butter and sage? that's what i'm inspired by. the squash and bean casserole is such a vegetarian hit. in fact someone made a variation on it for me last weekend.

    JC - I have made pickles, but just "refrigerator" pickles. I've never tried proper canning because I'm scared. Good luck and let me know how yours turns out.

    vintage simple - oh a fireplace sounds lovely...good idea to bribe a friend with one into having you over. friends with fireplaces are hard to come by in my city.