Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween on Long Island

the adorable "little house" down the street

Originally I was going to host a Halloween party. I was going to be Silk Spectre from The Watchmen - I have the hair so I figured I could rock it. But instead I ended up spending a quiet two days at my boyfriend's parents' home on Long Island. Didn't the weather on Saturday (before the rain) seem perfectly Halloweenish with the Indian summer warmth plus spooky winds blowing around crunchy leaves?

In a way I was relieved not to have to put together the superheroine outfit I'd envisioned. My plan was to buy a black swimsuit for the costume that I'd be able to wear again in real life. However, I wasn't able to find a suit that fit well enough for me to brave it on the beach, and I couldn't justify spending the money or the earth's resources on something I'd never wear again.

I started getting a little sad as the Halloween weekend approached, hearing everyone's plans of fun costumes and parades and parties and dancing that I'd be missing out on. And I despaired of yet another Friday night sitting around instead of going out. My sister came to the rescue and invited me to a friend of a friend's costume party in the West Village, so I still got my Halloween fix on Friday night before we left for the weekend on Saturday morning.

With little time, I drew upon my backup plan to dress up as a housewife a la Mad Men: heels, halter dress, apron, red lipstick, and French twist hairdo. Proving that I didn't need to buy anything for my Halloween costume after all. Sometimes it's a surprise to see what you can come up with when you apply your imagination to your own closet.

What were you for Halloween? How did you create your costume? Did you buy it, make it, borrow it, or reappropriate it from clothing you already own? Share your costumes - we can all use ideas for next year!


  1. I love the Mad Men costume idea, so much classier than most!

  2. I actually love the idyllic Long Island home Jesse's parents live in. Beautiful glimpses, Julia... That actually sounds like a pretty perfect Halloween.

    Noah got a store-bought astronaut costume because, frankly, I don;t have the patience nor the skill to sew something like that. the good thing is he's been wearing it nonstop, and if he didn't have bad eczema, I'd even let him sleep in it..! Also, it is bright orange, so it can moonlight as a Coast Guard outfit, another favorite of Noah's. I think he'll get really good use out of it...


  3. Hi. I also don't like buying stuff that I'm going to use just once. Regarding Halloween costumes I prefer home made costumes. This year I had my old vampire costume which was little bit adjusted in order to be original. I think I was in this costume quite successful because nobody recognizes that it was my old costume and it was fun to have it on our party.

    Take care,

  4. what a picturesque area! b

    et you looked totally fab in the costume!

  5. Gorgous house - it makes me want some hot tea almost immediately :)

    I was Axl Rose for halloween buying nothing for the costume save a pair of teal spandex biker shorts which I was convinced I would never wear again but have found that I really like sleeping in them and/or doing home yoga... but trust me, no one but the Husband will ever see them again in public....

  6. beautiful spooky weather this halloween!

    I was a smurf with my husband and two friends. I didn't purchase anything except the blue face paint and the felt to make the hats!

  7. I wrote about my quirky "cloudy with a chance of rain" costume here:

    But I must admit, the costumes in DC were spectacular. So many were rad and homemade...ZERO slutty messes...thank gawd.

  8. Great last minute costume idea and so elegant too. Love the 30 Rock reference! Thanks for the reminder.

  9. I'm jealous of your Halloween!! The house looks idyllic. *sigh*

  10. Elise - I think Mad Men was popular this year - there was a Don & Betty couple at the party I went to.

    Maria - that's actually a house down the street, not his parents house ;-) but so true, kids get a lot of use out of costumes. i remember we saved ours in a big costume box for fun dress ups and repeating costumes year after year and handing down to siblings.

    Toronto home staging - thanks for visiting my blog. another great idea, to adjust an old costume and make it new again!

    verry married - thanks!

    Feelmore - thanks for checking out my blog! glad you ended up liking your biker shorts more than you thought you would! i could probably use a pair for actual biking come to think of it...

    marisa - i was almost a smurf last year bc i had lots of blue clothing i could use - ended up being cookie monster instead.

    mountain bride - yes i loved your costume idea. maybe i'll use it next year ;-)

    southern hostess - i am obsessed with watching old 30 rock episodes lately! that show is hilarious.

    Turtlebird - don't be too jealous. someday i want to do the real crazy nyc halloween, including the parade in the village.