Friday, November 13, 2009

Last Weekend Pt 1: Drunk Art

Before THIS weekend starts, I have to tell you about LAST weekend, because it was one of those rare weekends that left me feeling recharged and invigorated. There was the birthday party Friday night. It was my first time back in Williamsburg since the move and I think I talked a lot about missing Billyburg that night. On Saturday afternoon, there were some light errands and a new lunch place found (the ever-elusive combination of burgers for meat-eaters plus good vegetarian options for me. Meag, now I know why you liked Bar Toto!)

Saturday night I hit up First Saturday at Brooklyn Museum, which is just awesome. Get drunk and explore the exhibits*, and there is a crazy dance party. Michael Jackson + James Brown = couldn't help dancing. I went to check out the new Rock & Roll photography exhibit but it was a bit too crowded to take it all in, and there was a lot more in the museum we didn't get to see. Don't know why I've never been before, but I'll definitely be back, especially because it's such a pleasant short walk from my apartment to the museum.

It was an evening that made me feel alive. Doing something new, experiencing art, being out among other young Brooklynites, feeling a part of something exciting. This is why we live in NEW YORK CITY. These are the kinds of things I wish I did more often. It was more than just another weekend night/another boring drink at the bar. I was so energized afterward I didn't want to just go home so I ended my night at Pacific Standard, an excellent choice for craft beers and board games.

What makes your weekends exciting? What are the things that make your life sparkle and keep repetition and boredom at bay?

* Thank you to the trustees of Brooklyn Museum for entrusting your treasures within the reach of drunken revelers.

via Brooklyn Museum's flickr


  1. Excellent. Next time I will be there!

  2. you are so right — I feel like I've gotten so lazy about looking for the cool stuff to do in the city. and you never have to look far. I will definitely need to hit up a first Saturday soon. Sounds so fun!

  3. I'm so happy that you went to First Saturdays - I'd always wanted to try that but never got around to it. Oddly, I look forward to weekend days more than weekend nights these days. I guess the nightlife just isn't enticing enough for me here - I get sleepy and bored. Weekend days, however, provide time for cooking experiments and trips to the flower district :)

  4. lisa - it's on

    jen - it's so easy to get lazy about cool nyc offerings, right? story of my life.

    meag - there's no denying that weekend days are great for cooking experiments, especially in the winter when there's no reason to go outside.