Friday, December 4, 2009

Dogs and Couch Lust

I imagine most of you come home from a long day of work and are able to plop into a big comfy couch for some relaxing.  Sounds nice. Have a glass of wine, a fuzzy blanket, and cozy up for a movie. Not in this household.

In our last apartment, we had a futon instead of a couch because no couch could have fit through the hallway into our home. The futon was perpetually covered in dog hair because we never trained Spencer to stay off it. So I'd have to change into my pajamas if I wanted to sit on it, so as to not ruin my clothing. Looking back, the situation wasn't so bad. In fact I'd love to go back to those relatively peaceful one-dog days. But futons are not especially comfy; it still did not fill my void for a soft place to crash.

Then we got the puppy and moved into a new apartment. We could definitely fit a couch in here. However, it would be a serious waste of money because the puppy is a serious force of destruction. Back before Milo was housebroken, he had the habit of peeing on the futon every now and then. Okay, we thought, we'll get a new mattress and cover it with a plastic mattress protector and cover THAT with a sheet so that the mattress itself doesn't get ruined and we can just swap out the dog-haired sheet for a new clean sheet every now and then. Sounds like a genius plan right?

Well we went through three mattress protectors - the dogs tore through each one while we were at work. They also tore through the sheets and started chewing holes in the foam mattress. Oh how Milo loves foam.

Here's what we've worked out now: we keep the mattress itself stored away in a closed room most of the time and only put it out when we have company or want to watch a movie with the full HDTV-huge-speakers experience instead of the laptop-on-the-bed experience. I have yet to patch the holes in it. Our living room is dominated by the empty futon frame.

Funny thing is, Spencer is so in love with lounging at an elevated height, he now uses the coffeetable as his "couch." What does he think he is, a mountain goat?

Of course, when the mattress is down and we don't happen to be sitting on it, the dogs go to town. Silly humans, this isn't for you - this is our playground! Spencer was never trained to stay off furniture, so it was impossible to train Milo to stay off too.

As a result, I have some serious couch lust and drool over the comfortable clean lines of your lovely sofas, like Maria's over at Vintage Simple. But sadly I don't see it being possible until I have enough space for a dog-free living room someday. What home features do you lust after despite their impossibility?


  1. matching furniture! that's my when i grow up dream. some day...

  2. A fireplace, that burns wood. Alas, neither are in the near future.

  3. matching furniture, a fireplace that burns wood, and a kitchen that can fit two people in it at the same time.

  4. I would love to be able to go home and not hear the dog barking non-stop for the rest of the evening. The masses may think I am evil, but a shocking collar is in order. He is outside, thank heavens. But Sarge has a very loud voice and it starts at 6 a.m. every morning.
    I could also have a clean floor if it weren't for my husband. ;)

  5. ohhh- poor you! I have also lived with a futon before, with metal frames.... it was not comfy. lol.
    hmmm.... a larger bathroom with a clawfoot tub... heaven. (right now our bathroom floor space is about two feet squared... seriously.)

  6. I'm hoping that your dog posts will convince me that a puppy is a bad idea (especially in this tiny apartment) but I still can't help WANTING one soooo bad. When I finally do get a mini schnauzer, I'm naming him Sergeant Pepper. :)

  7. I dream of a fire place, but I'm also lucky enough to have a great couch(my grown up furniture) and a cute little 10lb yorkie poo to sit on it. Great dogs, they don't shed!! Also, they're so small they can't do too much damage(most of the time). Also he's 15 so all he does it sleep!

  8. I dream of a toilet that flushes, plants that can live on the floor and cables that don't have that godawful Ikea grey plastic tubing covering them. The last two are The Rabbit's fault but he can't really be blamed for the toilet situation.

  9. julia this is my favorite post of yours. just so entertaining. how i miss those rascal pups! haha.

    -"the little one"

  10. and spencer is definitely behaving like a mountain goat. aurora does exactly the same thing.

  11. very married, October 12, & Giovanna - sounds like matching furniture and fireplaces are the top of the list!

    Giovanna - my last kitchen couldn't really fit more than one person, so i'm happy to have a big one now. although i will say small kitchens make things very efficient. it takes a lot more time to put away the dishes now!

    Miz November - i feel you, spencer loves to bark every time someone goes in or out our apartment building and our neighbors are not too happy about it. we should just give up on clean floors. let the men clean them if they want them!

    Eco Yogini - ooh a clawfoot tub is on my wishlist too. that is one small bathroom!

    Meag - your apartment is pretty small...maybe a very little dog that isn't hyperactive and doesn't need a lot of room to run around in?

    Futon Mattress - I'm trying to keep the purchase of new items under control to save money and the earth, which is why i'm planning to patch it instead of buying a new mattress.

    Ace - true, my complaining is because i have big dogs - little dogs can't wreak so much havoc.

    Peonies - i hope your plumbing gets worked out soon! it seems like you have been dealing with that forever.

    michelle - glad i succeeded in this coming off as entertaining instead of depressing. why don't you comment more often?

  12. as I've been living with the same "hand me down" freebie college furniture for the last 10 years. I just can't wait to get REAL furniture this summer when we move for residency. Can't wait!

    and the site you can read about the new regulations:

  13. i have serious couch lust too... but not because of dogs. more because i'm a big baby that wants a new couch that we don't need. at all.

    question. if i wanted to email you, how could i make that happen??

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