Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brooklyn Flea

I've never made it to the outdoor versions of the Brooklyn Flea, but last weekend I checked out the new indoor Flea at the recently restored One Hanson Place, aka Williamsburgh Savings Bank clocktower in Fort Greene. It is a beautiful space, which they have made great use of by sticking vendors in all its nooks and crannies.

It was mad crowded, which I expected since it was opening weekend and normally I would have avoided it for that reason, but I really needed an excuse to get out of the apartment.

I am not that big on shopping because I don't like to part ways with my money for stuff, even if it is vintage stuff. So I kind of went more to check out the infamous food vendors than for the vintage and artisan wares. The food court is located inside the old vault in the basement. Look how thick that vault door is!

The Red Hook Lobster Pound lobster roll is just as good as they say. At $14 it is pricy for vendor food but cheaper than lobster rolls sold in most NYC restaurants. Bun was deliciously lightly toasted in butter. I only wish there had been more of it to savor.

With the crowds, it was hard to take too close of a look at anything, so I didn't think I'd actually buy anything. But surprisingly, something caught my eye: a pair of wooden Danish mid-century modern candlesticks for $15. Which have been on my "to buy someday" list for a while so I gave into temptation. Now I just need to get long beeswax candles from the farmers market. And officially have way too many candles in my home considering that I always forget to light them.


  1. Oh, I love those candle holders - they're beautiful..! And just in case you don't go back over there: it's a mold. We are not that talented. ;)


  2. you know, i've been to the outdoor and indoor Brooklyn Flea Market and... i'm not impressed. like, i never really find anything that I can afford. i just feel like the purpose of flea markets is to find cool stuff for next to nothing! Admittedly, the outdoor one is a little better.

    those candle holders are cool though.

  3. pretty candle holders. i love candles, but i've been scared to light them since bringing home my crazy kitten 2 months ago.
    that lobster roll looks yummy.

  4. Great photo of the interior. What great flea market finds you stumbled upon. I always find things and food when I'm not looking. I love when it happens.

  5. Lovely photo of the market, and lovely candle holders. The Boy is obsessed with those at the moment, so I dare not show him. (We have 12! Who needs 12 candlesticks?!)

    And re the perfect equation - you have your boy! And you have NO IDEA how precious our sofa is to us. It shouldn't actually be in our flat as it's apparently a fire hazard (even though it's a gorgeous old leather Chesterfield - go figure), and after a couple horrible months of trying to live without it, we now sneak it in between inspections. Because, you know, why would we go out and buy OUR OWN? Crazytalk...

  6. Maria - i didn't know there was such a thing as pancake molds. i'm sure noah gets a kick out of it!

    Very Married - you're right, i also find things like the brooklyn flea to be pricey and that's another reason why i was reluctant to spend money there

    Giovanna - i forget that cats have their perils too. maybe you could just light candles during dinner and keep a watchful eye on the kitten.

    Tracy - thanks for stopping by and introducing me to your lovely blog. and oh i was looking for the food - i'd been wanting to try that lobster roll for months.

    agirl - 12 candlesticks does seem a bit much. how can a sofa be a fire hazard? i've never heard of that or inspections before. but i agree, no reason to get a new one when you have one that you like very much.

    tis true, i have a boy, a bed (where we match movies on the laptop), and dogs, so my version of the equation isn't always off...

  7. mkay:

    1. lobster roll. i collect the experience of eating lobster rolls the way people collect stamps. the last lobster roll i had was at the dock, little cranberry isle, islesford, maine. served with slaw on a toasted bun. washed down with an allagash dubbel. you see, i remember. it was so good. you've made incredibly hungry/jealous.

    2. mid-century danish candlesticks. how fabulous. yes, do get those beeswax candles, and light them.

    3. stop by if you want some ideas on how to help the relief effort in haiti. you seem like that type of gal.

    big hugs and vaulted doors, xo.

  8. What a cool place for a flea market. Of course, I'm from NC where all the flea markets carry names like "Bubba's".

  9. lucky! i wanted to go last weekend, but we needed to get on the road. that lobster roll looks delicious!

  10. that lobster roll sounds delicious! and the flea market sounds so fun- even just to look around.

    ps- you've been tagged :)

  11. I'm with you on the preferring to spend money on food than things thing! But it is also really nice to find something that is just satisfyingly lovely, like your candlesticks. Good purchase!

    I always get a bit scared of places like that - just too many people, too much stuff. But wish I did have the patience to do it now and then.

  12. those are great! that crowd looks intimidating, though.

  13. love the candlesticks! i've been meaning to check out the flea in the new location... thanks for the preview!

  14. That lobster roll looks delicious! I'll have to check this place out the next time I'm in NY. I love vintage markets!

  15. ok. first of all soooo jealous that you can go to the brooklyn flea any time you want. second, you MUST go to the outdoor version (in my humble opinion). and third. WHOA for the lobster roll. i'm drooling! thanks so much for sharing this!