Saturday, January 2, 2010

Long Weekend in the M.O.N. (Middle of Nowhere)

Catching up on what happened in December before the holidays...I have a sorta-annual tradition of going away for a long weekend in mid December, to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. This year we picked the Roxbury Motel in the Catskills for its pomo decorated rooms and hot tub onsite.

In the wintertime, for those who don't like skiing, there isn't much to do but sleep in, relax in the hot tub, drive around, drink, have dinner early, and watch TV. Not so bad. But I did get kind of bored after three days of that pattern.

It really felt like the middle of nowhere because we had to do so much driving to get places. I was relieved when we parked the car in Brooklyn and could walk to the grocery store again. I'm a very nervous driver/passenger generally, but I'm even more nervous in cars in the winter because of black ice fears and an incident in which I once had to abandon a car on the side of the road in a snowstorm when it was too slippery to drive. While my inner monologue constantly debates whether I would rather live in the city or the country, this trip helped me realize that if I move to the country, I must live within walking or biking distance of a happening town like New Paltz.

Also, we had a typical city slicker moment on the ride there. We went a back way, after picking up a car from my parents' house on route from the city. Thanks to a mislabeled road on google maps and a dearth of street signs, we found ourselves driving miles out of the way on one way roads with no cellphone service. I started panicking and worrying that we would keep turning around and trying different roads and run out of gas before we got anywhere. Luckily, the old-fashioned method of asking directions from the rare passing cars, plus some good intuition, put us where we needed to be. Sometimes our reliance on cell/iphones turns out to be not so helpful...

And what did the birthday boy get? Dinner at Peekamoose (Which I became obsessed with as soon as we walked in. A homey log cabin with twinkly christmas lights? An indoor swinging lounge chair? Antlers galore? Vintage salt and pepper shakers? Edible Hudson Valley to read while I sip my local beer? Grass-fed short rib sandwich? Yes please.) And a harpoon. Yes, a real harpoon that once killed whales was found in an antique store in Andes, prized for its craftsmanship, and is now standing in the kitchen.


  1. what a cool room!!! sounds like a fantastic trip- and looks so much like BC...

    friends drove down to our village with us last summer, and when I turned off the highway on an unmarked road to get to our cottage, the Toronto-natives were flabbergasted that I knew where I was going... lol.

    sounds like a perfect trip :)

  2. That sounds like a pretty relaxing trip. Of course, I'm from a place pretty much like that, so I don't know what it's like to NOT have to drive 15 minutes to get to the grocery store. Happy 2010 to you. :)

  3. That room is the wall and ceiling trees :)

  4. Peek-a-moose! Even the name is spectacular! Sounds like you had a pretty marvelous time, despite the bad driving and black-iced roads.

    And good work with that harpoon. I want one.

    xo. (oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

  5. I kind of love the harpoon and it also kind of makes me a bit sad.

    Me and Boy were the other way round while driving in the snow over Christmas. Him 'we're going to get stuck, we're going to freeze' Me 'We'll be fine! Look! It's so pretty!'

  6. that harpoon is awesome, and i must eat at peekamoose. sounds lovely and relaxing. i hear you about possibly going stir-crazy more than three days, but it's nice that you went. i think you need that sometimes.

  7. What a perfect birthday weekend! And that harpoon is--no pun intended--absolutely killer.

  8. Eco Yogini - hmmm...I bet NY doesn't look as much like BC in the summer

    Peonies - as long as one half the couple is calm in snow crisis it balances out.

    Miz November - 15 minutes to the grocery store? do you ever get tired of driving?

    Elizabeth - all the rooms are decorated with different themes but i loved the tree paintings in ours

    Big Bang Studio - thanks, happy new year to you too!

    Giovanna - definitely check out Peekamoose if you're ever skiing at Bellyaere or up in the Catskills

    JC - pun or not, that was a good one