Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow and Sunshine

January was a dark time for me. It's not the cold weather getting me down this winter, as usual, but the state of my life. All those New Years reflections snowballed, and it hit me that 2009 was not a good year: unachieved resolutions and aspirations, a total lack of exercise, a summer of stress, the realization that I've been living in an isolated dirty hovel of an apartment for six months, and the fear that I will trapped in this rut for six months more.

In February, things started looking up, little by little, or I am at least more hopeful that they are. It helps that February is all snow and sunshine. What winter should be. The kind of crisp air that is perfect for long walks and bundled jogs around Prospect Park. With the puppy in tow, for snow and the outdoors are his natural environment. Spying lots of snowmen and sledding. Hoping for ice skating next weekend. Still working on putting my 2010 resolutions and plans to paper. Only one month of winter left, and I think I can make it. How is February treating you?


  1. look at that sweet pooch! what good company you have even if it is a dark hovel of a shoebox apartment in which you live. i used to live in one of those. argh. it's HARD to live in new york, i think. i loved it, but it was hard on february sunday nights.

    and now you've got me thinking of updating my list of resolutions. rather, edit that list. february IS a hard month. dogs and lists help though, i think.


    (oh, and i had to soak, scrub and repeat for TWO days to get the beetchar outta that pot!)

  2. Awww, mon petit greenie. How can you be so sad? Those pictures are gorgeous and so are you. Hope February is happier. muah!

  3. Winter can be such a mofo (and we don't even get snow here!). I'm sorry things have been sucky for you, but it's amazing how much better seeing a blue sky can make you feel.

    I adore these photos, but especially the first and fourth one. They are beautiful.

  4. gorgeous photos!

    personally, I'm hanging on for March. January is always miserable, and February has been continuing in a similar vein - cold, grey, work stress and moving admin. I'm thinking March will sort it all out...

    I've lived in my fair share of dirty hovels, and know that can really get you down. but a little sunshine, and a little getting out and walking can do wonders.

    I couldn't even begin to count my unrealised resolutions and aspirations... I like to think that means I am just an over-dreamer rather than an under-achiever. I'm sure it's only boring people who do achieve all they want to!

  5. I am so sorry to hear that January was a difficult month. I understand how you feel though- I think something that we (as people) don't allow ourselves much of is patience- patience with others and ourselves. I know that I am the most impatient person in the world and when things don't happen quick enough I get marjory down and out....Currently impatient with the weather, but as my dad says "you can't stop spring." I hope that your February warms up and that your march is filled with sunshine, tulips and daffodils :)

  6. I think January is tough for a lot of people. But the sun comes out again and buds start to show up and we realize that we really should go for a walk outdoors instead of eating yet another pile of cookies (whoops, now I'm just talking about myself). Feel better, dear!

  7. that snowman has booobs! (...i'm a dork) also - there was an AMAZING snowman here that had anatomically correct muscles! i went back to get my camera and by the time i did, someone had defaced it. people are just awful sometimes.

  8. 2009 was a terrible year for me, as well. It's partly why I started a blog, to dig myself out of the hole. The only very good thing to happen was my boyfriend - which technically happened in 2008, as we started dating right around Christmas time. Anyway, so far this year hasn't felt as improved, but like everyone else said above, January and February are such drab months! I bet once a green leaf pokes through, you'll be in much better sorts... good luck!

  9. This weather has been tough on us down here in the mountains. And I think everyone is going a little stir crazy. However, I'm still giving 2010 high hopes. Last year was a truly awful year. It is so odd that soooo many people can say that! I think that all humanity is really determined to make this year better. So, at least we're all in this together! Right?

  10. Oh sugar. I'm starting to think it must be something biological. I don't think we're meant to have to get up and work and live and carry on like normal in January. It isn't normal! It's dark and cold and horrid and the whole rest of the world is hibernating so why the fuck can't we?

    *sigh* Sorry, midwinter gets to me too. MAJORLY. Although maybe in some way it's good for us. This seasonality in mood. I don't know. Trying very hard to look on the bright side...

    But yes, February gets better. Because then it's March before you know it, and then it's spring, and it's light in the mornings, then light in the evenings, and next thing you forget what midwinter was even like.

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful by the way. As is that bane-of-your-life doggy :)

  11. That teeny snowman is lovely. February is treating me just fine. We're hosting the winter olympics here in Vancouver and while we had no idea what to expect for our not-so-big city, the atmosphere is wonderful. We do not have any snow though, just daffodils and cherry blossoms which seems a tad backwards.

  12. bigBANG - sometimes i wonder if life feels so hard just because it's New York and things are hard. but at the same time, some things here easier or more fun than other places so that's why i keep on here.

    Meag - love that "mon petit greenie" phrase! we all have our stuff to deal with. mine are dogs, yours is argentina! sending good vibes over to you and guille too.

    Elise - thank you, glad you like the photos. winter is a beautiful mofo sometimes ;-)

    LK - hope your new home is not a hovel at all. i like what you're saying about seeing ourselves as overdreamers. it does give something to reach for, to keep moving forward.

    Marisa - your thoughts about impatience resonated with me. perhaps i am being a bit impatient, expecting dog training to happen overnight as i'm not seeing much progress right now and that has been one of my sources of frustration.

    Heart of Light - well cookies can be good for the soul too :-) it's all about balancing them properly with walks and exercise.

    very married - ha

    Melina - sorry you've been in the same boat as me. the blogging does help, and so will spring :-)

    Miz November - i didn't know 2009 was bad for so many people, it's felt like it was just me. well now i'm with you on making 2010 better.

    agirl - well yes there is seasonal affective disorder so that may be part of it. i think you're right that we are probably supposed to hibernate a bit more than society expects us to in winter, though it also does feel nice to talk a walk in the cold winter air.

    Post Grad Hair Cut - daffodils and cherry blossoms sound lovely right about now. i'm also sorry to say i've been totally ignoring the olympics since i'm lacking cable.

  13. i'm just catching up here today. this post totally hit home. january sucked for me, and so far february has been a bit better. i just struggle to find balance in my life. if i'm doing really well at work, my apartment's dirty and i don't exercise. if i'm going to yoga regularly, i feel better, but everything else suffers, and i feel like i'm constantly running around like a chicken with my head cut off and always forgetting to do pay my electric bill! i'm a mess, but i'm trying to get better, and your post made me feel like i'm not the only one in a rut sometimes. :)
    those pics are beautiful. they make me love new york more than i already do.

  14. Giovanna, i wonder why it is so hard to find balance? i'm always feeling too like i'm lacking balance...if only i could figure out a daily routine or weekly to do lists to keep on top of everything i should be doing.

    i love new york but these photos are about my love of prospect park especially. it doesn't even feel like i'm in a city when i'm there. i feel so lucky to only live a half a block away from the park right now.

  15. You've captured winter in your neighborhood perfectly... And now it's March, and I hope it treats you even better than February, dear.

    Balance is an elusive one, and I think we all struggle with it to some degree. I hope you remember to give yourself a break and give yourself credit for what you do well - easier said than done, but I think we all forget to do that sometimes.


  16. Loove the first photo! I too am just hanging on for Spring. I think the need to hibernate in winter just makes NYC so much less fun, and so therefore there is less to balance all the stress and unending pace of city life. The snow is gorgeous, but I'm still dreaming of flip flops!