Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Snow Bunny

Another big snowfall a week ago. Funny how that childhood longing for a snow day never goes away. When I woke up and found piles of fresh snow outside our window, I had a secret hope that work would be canceled. Milo adores the snow and was out the door first thing in the morning to dig and leap and play. In stark contrast to Spencer, who gingerly avoids the white stuff.

But there are no snow days here. Public transportation allows life to proceed as usual, work and drinks with new friends and dance parties with sisters, and all. Thankfully I have no car to dig out or move to alternate street parking. Snow in the city has none of the hassles and all of the pretty. Until it turns to slush the next day. Thanks to all that blacktop and concrete and underground steam, last week's snow is nearly melted already, though I am sure we will see some more slush come our way before the winter's end.


  1. I love snow days, too. Since my work isn't so pressing working for my father, I always take the day off if it's over 6 inches! But I always feel bad byt the end of the day and make him a nice big dinner to say thanks :)

  2. awesome photos! i miss big piles of snow. we just get rain, rain, rain...

  3. cool. i wish i had snow pants so i could have gone out to 'play' :)

  4. what a lovely sight - but i can't believe you didn't get a snow day out of this! sending some warm your way...

  5. Ahhh, yes. If only it got us out of work. I am so sick of seeing snow. And the kids here are going to have to go to school FOREVER to make up for all the snow days.

  6. Melina - sounds like a good deal for you and your father!

    Walking Barefoot - as much as I hate to admit it, I think I'll take the cold if it means I can have snow and not incessant rain, at least a few months out of the year.

    Eco Yogini - snow pants would be cool. i wish i had a sled too so i could go out and ride down the hills with all the kiddos in the park.

    meag - no rest for the weary. last year we got some of argentina's warmth in person around this time. this year we'll just have to draw on the memories.

    Miz November - ugh those silly rules about how many days kids must go to school each year. is one less day gonna kill them ;-)