Friday, March 26, 2010

Sudden Spring

Spring is here, and unlike last year when spring kept retreating back into winter, I am hoping it's here to stay. I had almost started to believe our lives would go on in a state of perpetual winter, so the warmer weather and extra daylight still feels like a pleasant surprise each day.

I enjoyed last weekend's sunny climes to the fullest with lots of biking and walking.

I took the Ocean Parkway bike path all the way to Brighton Beach, but it's not as nice riding as I thought it would be. After Ditmas Park, smooth paving gives way to bumpy and cracked sidewalks. Still, in less than an hour I was at the beach, something New Yorkers often forget exists as part of this city. Specifically I was sitting outside at Tatiana, one of the Russian cafes on the boardwalk. My salad and cured fish were good enough, but I'll have to go back for the delicious looking pierogies, which I regretted not ordering as soon as I saw them at a neighboring table.

Saturday evening I biked to Williamsburg for bar hopping involving multiple charcuterie plates, in a sea of hip strangers all out and about in the balmy darkness. I played the "remember when" game, reflecting on all the years I lived in Williamsburg's lively social scene, along with most of my friends. Now it seems we've all packed up and scattered to other neighborhoods, and I can't help but miss it a little.

Sunday afternoon I walked to Carroll Gardens for some more bar hopping. The second stop was inadvertent - on my way home I passed this faux-farmhouse, which turned out to be Black Mountain Wine House, and it was too adorable not to stop in for a pre-dinner apertif involving oysters. Would you say no to adirondack chairs nestled into an unassuming Brooklyn street corner?

How have you been enjoying the newfound freedom of springtime?


  1. Are those magnolias???? They aren't flowering here as yet. Oh, the joy of my heart knows no bounds when the magnolia blooms.

    We haven't quite had days as balmy as those look over the weekend as yet in these parts. I long for them...

  2. You've been having fun. It's still cold here. A warm evening here and there. I have bulbs coming up like crazy, but I've had to cover them with jars so they don't get bit by the frosts we are still getting. I can't wait for the cold to be over.

  3. *sigh* posts like this make me want to move to NY so badly...

  4. oysters! with mignonette sauce! you lucky birds! i'd literally kill for oysters right now. and man i regret never heading out to explore brighton beach when i was living in ny. you are such a good explorer!

  5. hell yes to adirondack chairs on random brooklyn corners! i'm so checking out the black mountain wine house asap. i need more kraft beer and oysters in my life.

  6. Wow, what a way to spend the weekend! Hope this one is just as great for you. Yay spring! Open up the windows :)

  7. That sounds like a perfect way to spend last weekend (which was as gorgeous as your pictures). I always get so excited when flowers start peeking up out of the soil at this time of year. I do wish it would have stayed a bit warmer this weekend, but I'm not complaining. It's still pretty out up here, and I hope the same is true for you down in NY!

  8. Just as your warm weather is starting, ours is declining - cool, foggy mornings, cold nights. I always look forward to the changing of the seasons, but ask me in two months and I'll swear to God that I hate winter more than anything in the world.

  9. Oh, it's wonderful. The clocks changed here last night so I'm looking forward to our first light evening later... and we have a garden now! So exciting!

    (Love your photos, esp. the one with the beer and arm.)

  10. agirl - I'm not sure, I know I have a magnolia tree in my yard that's not blooming yet but will soon.

    Miz November - that's a good idea to cover bulbs with jars. don't think i've ever seen my gardener mom do that.

    Melina - surely you can go bar hopping on walks and bike rides in chicago too? what is the biking like there?

    bigBANG - exploring is my favorite weekend activity. but it seems like you do plenty of exploring out in the desert these days?

    Giovanna - do you make it out to brooklyn often?

    liz - yay for the start of the growing season.

    Elise - sorry that winter is on its way to you. foggy mornings don't sound so bad for now.

    Cate - so funny that the clocks change later in Europe than they do here in the US...hope you enjoy some nice evenings out in your garden soon.

  11. We walked down to Prospect Park on Friday. Our poor dog got sick once we got there and started throwing up all over the place. I think she ate something off the street...

    Still, it was a nice walk!