Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nature's Resilience

I made a couple incredible discoveries when I unearthed last year's accoutrements for planting last weekend.

First, this pot, ignored in a hidden corner of the yard all winter, had sprouted with baby seedlings. It will be a surprise to see what grows in here. Maybe just weeds or grass, or maybe something more special (though some weeds deserve more attention then they get).

Second, this plant (some type of tropical canna), leaves eaten off by dogs and/or killed by the cold, was cut down to its bulbs and left in the basement for winter. I learned on Saturday that it grew all the way back up to this height while languishing without water or light for months. Unbelievable, but it did.

Sometimes plants are delicate things that quickly perish from a little neglect, and sometimes they are hardy beasts that pull through with the help of inner resouces stored in bulbs, stems, and roots. Just as we humans sometimes wilt easily in the face of stress, and sometimes we draw upon our strengths, pick ourselves up, and face the world anew. Isn't that what spring is about - beginning again? To see the living world of wonder around us with new appreciation, to spring clean our way into a fresh start, to reenergize after a winter of hibernation?


  1. Amazing, isn't it? We have these sturdy reeds that grow on creek banks around here. They are such determined little plants that they will actually push up through the asphalt on the edges of the road. We should all be that determined.

  2. what nice surprises :) and a lovely garden you've got going. best of luck with the greenery...i'm, sadly, of no help here. i've killed my fern twice and it's miraculously recovered...no thanks to me!

  3. meag - that's exactly what i'm talking about - those plants that recover on their own! reminds me of when we had a huge hanging fern in our bedroom...one of jesse's dumber ideas, it used to shed dead leaves all over the carpet.