Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Late Spring Farmers Market Hauls

I somehow lost photos of my mid-May Greenmarket shops and resultant dinners, but in summary this exercise has got me experimenting with new dishes, and I've learned that:

* Quiches are not a quick and easy dinner, especially if you make the crust from scratch the same night. Your hungry boyfriend will get angry, even if the final sauteed greens quiche, nibbled at hours later, is tasty.
* If you do not have a pie pan, quiche crust can be baked in a cast iron pan, though it may look a bit misshapen.
* Grilled squid is a revelation. Spear large squid pieces onto skewers and lay over a hot grill for a few minutes until charred. Let rest until cool enough to handle, and chop into small pieces to scatter into a spring salad like so, only better this time with a deep smoky and fishy flavor enhanced by the grill. I will never snub at grilled calamari on restaurant menus again.
* You do not need soy sauce to prepare a peanut sauce - peanut butter, hot pepper, olive oil, and molassess will suffice.
* However, marinating beef kebobs in peanut sauce for half an hour will only lend a subtle flavor to the final grilled kebob skewers, and it is ideal if you can reserve some of the sauce for dipping.

May 29: Carrots and radishes for snacking. Asparagus for grilling. Spinach for sauteeing and combining with beans in empanadas made using leftover quiche dough (see below). Lettuce for salad. Potatoes and onion for storage in the crisper drawer. Wilklow Orchard pork chops for storage in the freezer. Leeks and Lynnhaven goat cheese feta to go perfectly with next week's garlic scapes. Artisan whole wheat bread made with local flour for bagged sandwich lunches for dayboat fishing. Red Jacket cranberry apple juice to quench thirst. STRAWBERRIES for freezing, which means it's finally smoothie season! I like to blend a handful of frozen strawberries, a few splashes of milk, and a spoonful of honey in the food processor for my semi-daily dose of fruit and dairy.

June 5: eggs, milk, Baker's Bounty whole wheat bread because it's too hot for baking, asparagus, GARLIC SCAPES! for pesto (more on that to come), (hot house?) Kirby cucumbers to make refrigerator pickles, RHUBARB for baking before it goes out of season (turned into almond-lemon-rhubarb cupcakes that I'll share soon), swiss chard, more carrots for snacking, stocking up on Wilklow ground beef while it's on sale. No radishes this week - will I see them anymore this season?


  1. great post. vegetables are truly beautiful.

  2. A great (and healthy) alternative for quiche is to ditch the crust altogether, similar to a fritata. I made a crustless quiche the other night to pack for lunches this week and it was just as satisfying and delicious.

    Here's how:

    I sprayed the pie pan with olive oil and put a layer of uncooked potatoes (2) cut into 1/2 inch cubes, followed by sauteed muchrooms, sauteed red onion, garlic, and feta. Pour in mixture of 7 eggs and 1 1/2 cups of milk and top with pepper and scallion.

    If you don't have a pie pan, cupcake tins work great and it cuts down baking time significantly :-)

    xoxox, Elizabeth

  3. Oh, this is making me soooooooo hungry!!

  4. Girl, I was just thinking about you today, wondering what you had been up to. Looks like you have been up to lots of yummy stuff. :)

  5. Elizabeth - I make frittatas a lot, but got bored of them, which is why I tried to make quiche! thanks for reminding me about the cupcake tin trick though.

    Miz November - I know I have been kinda mia lately, sorry!

  6. Look at all that BOUNTY! And ditto what Anon said about the crustless quiche- we're trying to cut out needless fluff in our diets, which has resulted in late night crustless quiche when I get home from the studio:

    several beaten eggs, a bit of cream, chopped cherry tomatoes, asparagus and maui onion, salt, pepper, chopped thyme and god knows what else, poured into a pyrex pie plate and baked for 45 mins at 350. Legitimately easy and delicious.

  7. yay for veggies! I heart farmers markets. I'm actually working at one tomorrow for my momma!

  8. Oooh-eee, your spoils look good! Those strawberries, especially - mmmmmmm

    Thanks for your compliment on the quiche - I'd always thought quiche-making was super involved and finicky, but the recipe I used was sooo simple. And I "third" the comment about crust-less quiche - it's so light and flavorful that you totally don't need a full-blown crust - or any crust at all.

  9. Empanadas?! How'd they turn out? Did the quiche crust work well? I never make them with homemade dough since pre-made crust is so abundant, but I guess I'll need to figure it out eventually.

  10. It was my second time making empanadas...I think the pie dough works well enough. Do you think that's similar to what is used in Argentina? I find I need to use a lot of cheese or else the filling tastes kinda bland, though.

  11. so fun to experiment w/farmers' markets produce!!! those empanadas are a great idea :)