Sunday, August 22, 2010

25 things

The reason I moved is this: Exactly a month ago, I parted ways with my now ex-boyfriend. It was finally time to accept that we did not bring out the best in each other and move on. I walked out of that life right into a summer as a single lady filled with fun things and happiness. I so appreciate the dear friends who helped make that possible, including the support of many of you reading this now.

With this new beginning, comes the chance to take on a whole host of adventures. My birthday is in just a few months at the end of November, and I decided to put together a list of 25 things to work on accomplishing before I turn 26 (inspired by these lovely ladies). The focus is on cultivating an active social life, tackling green projects I have been meaning to do, and reviving my musicianship. Clearly, I've got a good start on this list over the past few weeks.

1. Visit Gina in Colorado. 11/4-11/8 recap pending
2. Visit little miss homebuyer Caitlin's new house upstate. 8/21 a night at her lakeview bungalow with a fire pit!
3. Visit the Jersey shore with my family. last weekend of August
4. Have a dance party in an apartment. 7/24 one of Jamie's infamous dance parties until the sun came up.
5. Go to a dance party at a bar. 10/30 Halloween party at Union Hall and others since.
6. Stay up until sunrise. see #4
7. Throw a party. 9/24 party with cupcakes
8. Host ThanksgivingFAIL in 2010. cooked all the side dishes for Thanksgiving 2011.
9. Attend more concertshave been good about going to about 4 shows a month.
10. Get a tattoo, or think about getting onedecided not to get one because i am worried about putting toxic inks into my body.
13. Attend a Transportation Alternatives meeting. got involved with the Bushwick Food Coop instead.
15. Make homemade deodorant and other body productsmade deodorant in October 2011; need to blog about this
16. Trim my hair12/25/2011 finally
17. Write something every day. started a journal to write at least a sentence or more about each day.
18. Write a new song. 9/9/10 done, several written since then.
19. Play a show at Rockwood Music Hallit's harder to get a show at Rockwood then I thought. played four shows in 2011.
20. Collaborate with musical friends. joined the band Sexy Neighbors
21. Play in the folk jam at Sunny's in Red Hook.
22. Audition for a choir. 8/15/10 waitlisted. not currently interested in joining a choir again. 
23. Fit into my skinny pants. decided i don't care as long as i know i'm getting my exercises in by bike commuting and feel healthy
24. Model in a shoot for my photographer friend. she shot my band photos but still no solo promo photos.
25. Knit a scarf. 10/19/10 birthday gift for a friend. March 2011 knit a scarf for myself as well.
26. Get a new job9/9/10 new position at same organization....1/4/11 new job at new organization!!


  1. Breakups are never easy, but it's wonderful that your friends were so there for you. And I love the idea of a list of things to do in the next year! I may have to think of a list of my own.

  2. Breakups are tough, but it looks like you have a fantastic support network and are enjoying your single lady life to its fullest! I love lists! Good luck with completing all your goals ladybird!
    p.s. #14 I've managed to go poo' free for four days a week (my hair is super thin and fine, and it feels so much healthier now!!!!) trying to kick the last three days, but this summer humidity makes it hard---hoping fall will be a litttleeee easier :)

  3. Well done on the list so far! I keep being tempted to try to write one after hearing all the raving about mondo beyondo, etc, but all the tedious bits of my life (work, admin, study) are dominated by lists of things to do. I feel an urgent need to live the rest of my life in as unregulated a fashion as possible. But then, the pleasure of crossing something amazing off can't be discounted...

    Keep going brave, lady. xo

  4. i love your list- it is fantastic.

    btw.... Andrew and I are making a trip to NYC September 13-16th.... :D

  5. Ditto on the list love. There's nothing like a list of things you want to do to make the world seem full of possibility. I had a similar list -- 30 by 30 -- when I was facing a new job, new decade, and end of a relationship. It helped immensely. Congrats on moving forward with aplomb!

  6. Gees. I just adore you. You've got a good thing going.

  7. this is awesome. like, really awesome.

  8. :) I recently read a book called the Happiness Project and she made a list for the year and it was just about keeping your to dos a priority. Good for you and you should be living life to the fullest even after your birthday.

  9. Break ups mean new beginnings, and well done to you for being off to a flying start! Hope you enjoy the next few full months of being 25!

  10. yay for newfound happiness and independence! i love your to-do list. it's never too late to make your wishes come true. i had always wanted to play the ukelele and now i am.

    ps. if you've never played the ukelele - you should! no one can feel down when playing the uke! xo

  11. My kind of post!! I heart anything related to check-lists or to-do lists! :-)

  12. Good list (you've inspired me to revisit me own...). Yes, Mad Men is every Sunday, 10pm, at Sheep's Station - you should come out with us this weekend! I want to hear about your new place - I assume you're still in the Slope? Also, I've been "no poo" (ugggghhh) for a week now.
    Also, my company just sent out a memo announcing the start of bike storage.
    Also, Transportation Alternatives? Awesome (I was stalled on the train between 9th st/Prospect for literally TWO HOURS today on my way home from work. transportation alternative indeed!)

  13. note: the "uggh" refers to any phrase involving the word "poo," not the actual state of being shampoo free. i'm liking it so far, for the record.

    and, um, that's "my own," not "me own." i am not a pirate. yarrrr.

  14. Erika Lee Sears - i read that book too and was very inspired to make a priority the activities that make me truly feel like myself at my best

    coley - i think i am going to focus on playing the piano again, but that's awesome that you're having fun learning the uke!

    Jenna - perchance you want to come to a transalt meeting with me? i'll be in touch

  15. i know, i'm really late to the party. just want to say i love your list and i'm totally impressed on how much you've gotten done so far! and this is like a month ago, so you've probably crossed off more. inspiring.