Wednesday, May 11, 2011


When I saw YACHT play many years ago, it was one guy dancing around the living room of my college housing coop to music he created and played off his laptop. It felt a little silly and not quite memorable. YACHT has since gained a second person and some notoriety since then, so I thought I would give them another chance and check out their newer music. I was surprised to realize this song "Dystopia (The Earth is On Fire)" is not only a catchy danceable tune but also offers an apt and timely commentary on the state of our society's relationship with the environment. It's rare for musical artists today to address this kind of issue, so I thought it was worth sharing their message with you here. Enjoy!

Every day the sky gets lower,
And every day the tide is blacker,
And every day the flames get higher

We live like lions, we live our lives
With no more husbands, No more wives,
We let our children multiply ’cause we’re afraid of dying.

The Earth, the Earth is on fire!
We don’t have no daughter,
Let the motherfucker burn!
If we cut off the water
Then the jackals would return.


Download "Dystopia" here

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