Saturday, May 14, 2011

From Seed

Another year, another garden. My current roommate is in charge of filling the patio with flowers and I'll do my usual herbs and tomatoes. Last weekend I finally potted herbs, transplanted some seedlings, and got organized.

Kentucky Mint
Golden sage
Lemon thyme

From seed:
Dinosaur (Lacinato) Kale
Jalapeno Peppers, that have not sprouted one bit
Yellow Pear Cherry Tomatoes
Flat Italian Parsley
Italian Large Leaf Basil

This year, I am experimenting a bit more with growing from seed, since I had a pet-free indoor window space for the first time ever. I picked up heirloom seeds at the Bushwick Food Coop and a local organic gardening store, and at less than $2.50 for a packet of seeds, why not try?

I started the tomato and pepper seeds in an egg carton indoors next to my window, but sadly the peppers have not sprouted one bit.

The rest are starting to come up. Except for the cosmos seeds, which I also just planted last weekend. Cosmos have long been one of my favorite wildflowers and I hope they bloom, unlike the bee balm I tried last year!


  1. ooh yes, you have all the essentials there! your garden is/is gonna be wonderful!

  2. fun!!! I LOVE the heirloom seeds! you're gonna have a kick butt garden this summer :)

  3. Julia,
    Hi I am coco, just found your blog by accident. oh, how nice to see you sowed and growing so many things in your pots. I love garden work too. I hope your plants grow nicely. Looking forward to your next post!

  4. VERY impressive. i (unorganizedly) planted a few seeds this year, but they haven't quite been flourishing. yours are amazing, though!

    btw, I’m totally planning on going to some outdoor movies at bklyn bridge park this season – we’ll have to meet up sometime soon!

  5. Wow you've planted a lot of things! I'm inspired