Monday, August 1, 2011

Farmers Market Haul: Late July

Tomatoes are finally here! Went a little crazy buying some things as special treats to enjoy the height of the summer. Milk and cream for making (coffee) ice cream. Peaches for smoothies. Tomatoes and basil and garlic and sourdough bread for bruschetta. Grape tomatoes for snacking. Scallops because I haven't cooked seafood in too long. Yellow watermelon for dessert. Swiss chard, onions, potatoes, and corn will make their way into dinners somehow this week, likely with rice and beans I cooked last week and stashed in the freezer. Sad to have missed the blueberries. I wanted to make blueberry cake, but it was too hot the other weekend for oven usage and now they're already gone from the market.

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