Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going shampoo-free

Among my 25 things list were goals to use homemade body products. I'm waiting until my current store-bought deodorant runs out to try my hand at that, but I have successfully been shampoo-less aka "no-poo" since March by washing my hair solely with baking soda. Maybe I have low maintenance hair (straight and fine), but unlike some people who go through a greasy transition period, my hair has always felt clean and the same after a baking soda wash as it did with shampoo.

The idea is to combine baking soda and water into a paste to apply to your hair. There are different approaches. I fill a small jar with baking soda and then add enough water until it forms a paste that I can easily scoop out with my hands and lather into my hair. You could use an old shampoo bottle or cup and a higher ratio of water for a more liquid-y solution that is easy to squeeze onto your hair. Some people also like to do a rinse with white or apple cider vinegar afterward as a conditioner, but my hair feels the same whether I use vinegar or not, so I don't.

If you miss the scents of shampoo, you could add something yummy smelling, like a drop of lavender essential oil, cinnamon sticks or vanilla extract, to either the baking soda or vinegar, but I go plain. One jar lasts about a couple weeks, and since baking soda is readily available for about $2 a box, it is much cheaper than shampoo. This also helps me reduce my use of plastic.

Why stop using shampoo? To avoid the multitude of unpronounceable and potentially hazardous chemicals listed in shampoo ingredients. Stay tuned for my next post about the personal care products industry and why you should care about what's in your bathroom.


  1. yay! congrats! I've been using baking soda several days a week to clean my hair - but I still wash it and condition it once a week so the ends don't get too dry! I hope to be 100% 'po-less soon!

  2. LOve it girl. I found you on Five Seed, and had to come say HI.

    I have been NO POO for almost a year now. I can't imagine EVER going back. I am trying to get OFF all chemically things, lol, but some are a bit trickier. I want to try baking soda for deodorant, BAD!!

    I'm really glad to see you like it too, and hope MANY others give it a try!!

    Stop by anytime to say hello!!!
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