Thursday, September 8, 2011

Elements of a Minimalist Bedroom

I am a minimalist in that I don't like buying and owning too much stuff. Just the idea of it weighs me down. The more things you have, the harder it is to clean your home and to move homes. It doesn't make sense for us to deplete the earth's resources so that we can acquire things that we don't really need and that force us to have larger homes to house all that stuff. Each time I move, I take it as an opportunity to figure out what else I can get rid of. I've also learned a few tricks over the years on how to manage with fewer things in smaller spaces. I will admit I have many kitchen things, but in general I aspire to minimize my belongings. This is how I live in a 70 square foot room. (Note: many of these photos are from my previous apartment, which had better light.)

- While keeping my mattress on the floor means I lose storage space under my bed, I also like the simplicity of it and not having a bedframe to move around when I change apartments.

- A storage container doubles as nightstand, covered by an attractive sheet.

- Rather than use a duvet, which I find cumbersome to remove for washing, I just keep my comforter between two sheets.

- I don't have a desk. In the past, I used a tray table, although my current room doesn't have room for that, so I usually bring my computer to my bed or the living room coffeetable.

- I don't own many books (since I do my reading via library loans), I don't own any DVDs (that's what the internet and netflix are for); and I recently made sure all my CDs were burned onto my computer so I could recycle them all at Best Buy.

- You can just see the black suitcase standing hidden behind the door, which serves as storage and also doubles as extra surface area in a room short on it.

- In the past, I have also used boxes for storage instead of buying more shelving furniture.

- I like to hang a plastic bag rather than having a garbage can. You're going to have a plastic bag inside the can anyway, so why bother buying another piece of plastic just to keep it in?

- I try to keep as many of my appliances as possible plugged into one power strip, that can easily be turned off whenever leaving home to avoid using phantom power.

- I periodically reevaluate all my clothes to give away anything I have determined that I no longer like to wear or consider useful. 

Do you have any tricks for simplifying your home and eliminating unnecessary furniture and "stuff"?


  1. Does your new apartment have a place where you can compost?

  2. Girl, this is awesome! I struggle with this a lot. I don't like to have a lot of stuff, either, yet I always end up with lots of stuff. It's a balance I need to learn to strike!

  3. Anonymous - i compost as i always have by collecting food scraps in my freezer and bringing it to a compost drop off at a farmers market...i've even got my roommate adding things to the freezer pile.

  4. That's great that you have your roommate doing it too! I had a really hard time getting my roommies to come around to the composting thing. Did she need some convincing--what's her take on it (some people are squeamish...)?

  5. Anonymous - no, she's not squeamish about it. She was convinced when I told her that food doesn't actually biodegrade in landfills, which like most people, she assumed it does. For her, it's been a work progress to get in a new habit of putting things in the freezer rather than in the garbage can.