Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sneak Peek of my new apartment

Yes, as I have mentioned, I moved AGAIN earlier this summer. Such is the way of life of a twenty-something New Yorker. This time I moved out of a craigslist roomshare so that I could live with my best friend Jamie. The apartment hunting process was extremely painful. You may think that working with a broker will be helpful. In fact, the search process involves refreshing craigslist searches every hour for two and a half weeks, calling every lead, visiting multiple apartments each night, working with multiple brokers and mostly seeing apartments that would be fit for a couple but not roommates because of our nonprofit salary price range. We applied for four apartments, two of which the tenants decided not to move out of, and one of which the broker was incompetent and waited a week to tell us the landlord picked another applicant.

The unfortunate thing about New York real estate is that it's more expensive to live with a friend than strangers because it usually involves signing a new lease, which landlords use as opportunities to raise the rent exorbitantly. So you can either live with craigslist roommates in a decent apartment at a more reasonable price, or have an awesome friend as your roommate but not as nice an apartment.

So, we ended up in a railroad apartment, where I pay more than one should to live in a 70 square foot room with no window. BUT, at least we have a cute apartment with lots of plants. We managed to stay in a good area in Williamsburg, even if it's not my favorite part of the neighborhood. And Jamie is my favorite.


  1. OMG - is this what NYC apartments look like?! It's so quaint and beautiful! I can relate to your moving stress. I'm moving now...still haven't found a place or a roommate. It's not easy! Congrats on finding a lovely place!

  2. It's SUPER cute! I love it. Living with someone you like can be a lot of fun- and worth the square footage. :) I see what you mean about Andrew and I having space for my piano- I shouldn't complain if you can fit yours!! I'm going to rethink our living room space.... :)
    Lisa (EcoYogini)

  3. Lisa - ha yeah now you see what i meant about the keyboard! we can't let our space hold us back.

    Five Seed - oh good luck with your search!!

  4. You sure love plants, huh? Have you tried growing a bonsai? It is also a great attraction around the house, especially when the roots and branches are full grown. It needs a lot of your attention though, for you have to direct its branches the way you want it grow. And you have to trim and change the soil often. I see that you also have plants outside your window. Flowering plants would be a great accent to make your pad more inviting.

  5. Hi Julia!

    They say home is where the heart is, and if NYC is where you belong, you'd surely stay there as long as you can! My cousin rents in Yonkers, and he's contented in having a small space, with just a Murphy bed and a small sink.

  6. I know how hard and stressful the whole house hunting process is, but when you find the one you are looking for, then it’s all worth the effort. By the way, I love the idea of having plants inside your space. It makes the entire house fresh and healthy!