Monday, December 5, 2011


Last week I turned 27. I'm finding that life keeps moving forward, and I have to just take advantages of opportunities for enjoyment wherever they can be squeezed in. The bed bug saga is still ongoing and draining, so I drew out my birthday with multiple celebrations...happy hours on my birthday, a romantic dinner, drinks and dancing with my friends, some very nice little presents, and plans for ice skating with another birthday next week. And, I highly recommend wearing a homemade paper crown to one's birthday party.

I've now crossed off most things on my 26 things to do before turning 26 list (which also turned into my before 27 list). And so, a new list for this new year of life...couldn't quite get to 28 but I'm sure I will think of more as the year goes on:

1. Live in a home that is bed bug free as of May 2012, and then not again as of Sept 2012
2. Live in a home that feels like a real home as of May 2012
3. Record a solo EP someday....
4. Book more solo shows played 2/14/2012 and 4/5/2012
5. Record an album with my band released an EP on 4/29/2012
6. Play at SXSW didn't perform there but did go to watch others in mid March 2012 
7. Perform with my boyfriend we played a song together onstage on Valentine's day 2012
8. Go to the gym on lunch breaks only managed to go once every other week on average...would like to get to regular twice a week
9. Leave work on time regularly no :-(
10. Go to bed earlier no :-(
11. Visit New Paltz went for a romantic getaway 9/28/2012
12. iVsit Caitlin's house upstate again went 
13. Visit Elaine and her new baby 2/4/2012
14. Go camping camped in Queechee VT for my sister's college graduation nearby 6/8/2012
15. Visit my parent's beach house (somehow I never went camping or to the beach house in summer 2011). Memorial weekend 2012
16. Go to Founder's Day at my college didn't go, hopefully next year
17. Possibly visit my sister while she studies abroad in London didn't go
18. Model in a shoot for my photographer friend still haven't done this
19. Go ice skating 12/9/2011 at the Standard Hotel
20. Trim my own hair 12/25/2011
21. Stop a bad habit not yet...
22. Bake pumpkin cinnamon rolls, which I have been thinking about doing for years now New Years Day 2012
23. Make homemade pasta not yet
24. Host another pizza potluck hosted one 5/19/2012
25. Try a yoga class first yoga class was in the middle of the Costa Rican rainforest, followed by a few at a neighborhood yoga studio and free lunchtime classes led by a coworker
26. Make ice cream cake for Evan's 30th birthday party 8/25/2012


  1. Happy birthday, dear! And my heart goes out to you on the bb situation. I'll think good thoughts for you. You'll have a real home soon!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! i so hope that the bed bugs will be a thing of the past for you SOON!

    And yes, here's to a bed bug-free next year!

  4. This is a fabulous list, and I'm so sorry to hear about the bed bugs. A friend of mine had them a few years ago as did a bunch of people in her building, but they were vigilant and were able to get rid of them pretty quickly, so fingers crossed.
    Also, those Thanksgiving recipes are making me hungry all over again!

  5. Happy (belated) birthday! Sounds like it was a lovely time, despite the bed bugs!

    Mine's coming up next month and I really like the idea of doing a list. I think you've inspired me to do that.

  6. thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!
    unfortunately vigilence and getting rid of the bugs quickly was not the name of the game in my apartment, but i'm optimistic this week. by february, either the bugs will be gone or i will be moved out.
    E, i highly recommend lists as an accountable way to set goals for yourself.