Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Costa Rica

This week I'm focused on my moving this weekend, but last week I was in Costa Rica! I went with a group from work for a week of experiencing the rainforest, seeing our sustainability work in action, and training and talking about how to do our jobs better. More on the work side of it later.
We stayed at a hotel in the middle of the rainforest, along the Sarapiqui river. We visited farms and went on nature walks through the forest. We had long days, but there was also time to relax. There was a group yoga session with the sounds of the jungle coming through the screened walls, games of bananagrams and tropical drinks at the bar, and a mini rodeo thrown by the hotel.
Each meal was an opportunity to drink some new, deliciously fresh juice.
This was the view from the "conference room"
As we learned when we got caught unawares in the rain multiple times, you had better bring your raincoat everywhere just in case, because the hot sun can quickly turn into a downpour.
It even rained the afternoon we went ziplining! The course started out easy with baby ziplines but little did I know that I would end up zigzagging thousands of feet back and forth across a valley over a river, with branches and raindrops flying past my face and my breath focused on making it to the other side. Afterward, we went swimming in a stone pool in the middle of the forest. Standing in a circle in the water, still under the falling rain, we held hands and revelled in the specialness of the moment and our whole experience in Costa Rica.

Have you ever been to Costa Rica?


  1. Wow! That sounds amazing. Seriously amazing. The food looks so good. I can only imagine the juices. Yoga and a conference room with a view. I am jealous.

  2. OMG, how amazing! Beautiful pictures, too! I've never been down there - not sure I can handle that kind of climate. I'm a cold-weather, low humidity kinda gal! LOL!

  3. Gorgeous! I've been once and it was amazing. Would love to go back and explore more someday.