Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scenes from a Music Video Shoot

Last weekend my band Sexy Neighbors had a video shoot for our song "Breaking Walls." When I originally heard the concept was for us to play at a house party, I thought we would just shoot random shots of a party. But when I showed up I was extremely impressed at all the work that went into it -- from our guitarist who planned out all the shots, to our videographer who was on top of this game, and especially the generosity of the people at the Texas Firehouse, a live work space in Long Island City overlooking Roosevelt Island bridge, the Con Ed power plant, and a laundry factory. They helped our guitarist turn their art gallery into a fake living room, complete with hand-drawn electric outlets and windows and a fake wall to break by throwing a TV through it. They even cooked us all a healthy curry stew for dinner with hot peppers from their roof garden, before we drank a fridge full of forties. When I thanked them, they just said, "that's what the space is for." I can't wait to see the video and will be sure to share it here when it's ready.

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