Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Living Tree and Other Holiday Decor

Happy New Year! I didn't do any decorating in my own apartment last year or the year before, so I was excited to pull my holiday ornaments and decor out of storage this year to cheer up my home with:

A fake garland where there's usually a window valence.

Stockings made with recycled burlap and sweaters that I bought from The Little Green Bean on Etsy a few years ago. With some chocolate treats from Mast Brothers hiding within.

Holiday cards from friends and family (including some favorites saved from previous years) hung with string and clothespins.

A living tabletop Alberta Spruce tree. Last year we killed our living tree, but this year we put it outside right away, where it can decorate our yard with twinkly lights year round and hopefully survive so we can bring it back inside for next winter's holidays. For more about how to keep a living tree alive, check out my post today at The Green Phone Booth.

How did you decorate your home for the holidays?

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  1. Beautiful! I really love those stockings!